Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ah choo!

Outfit Details:

dress - H&M, necklace - H&M, belt - H&M, shoes - Joe Fresh

After complaining about the cold weather and rain for months on end (which must've gotten annoying... sorry!), summer has decided to arrive early today with 32C/90F weather.  I'm debating skipping Maya's soccer today because the heat index is supposed to be 40C and I'm sure she'd much rather be in a pool today. Hmm, does that make me a big fail as a "soccer mom"?

Still, despite the sticky weather, I'll take it since it also comes with sunny skies and no rain. However, I could do without the allergies. I woke up in a fit of sneezing today. Thank goodness someone invented anti-histamines!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Here comes the... rain?

Outfit Details:

top - Calvin Klein, jeans - Gap, necklace - H&M, shoes - Gucci, jacket - H&M

After several days of warm weather and sunshine, I think I've been spoiled. Today's colder temps and overcast skies just about caught me by surprise. I never realized how much the weather affected my family's mood until recently. During our unusually cold and rainy spring, DH and I were pretty much snapping at each other over the most ridiculous things. But over the beautiful days of the last week, we've been acting like newlyweds with stolen kisses and lots of smiles. Maybe it's a sign that we need to move South.

This is a new jacket that I picked up at H&M today. I like that it's a slightly girlier take on the military jacket/anorak trend.  Also, the slight puffed shoulder and high waistline flatter my rectangular shape. The fact that it was marked down to $20 sealed the deal. I pretty much think a jacket you like that's in the $20 range (or less) is something that needs to be taken home... regardless of how many jackets are already in your closet. I probably won't feel this way during my next closet purge, but we'll deal with that when the time comes.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kid Logic

Outfit Details:

tee - Joe Fresh, skirt - Winners, belt - H&M, shoes - Joe Fresh, necklace - gifted

Yesterday, I told Maya that I wanted to be a kid because kids have so much cool stuff.

"Then you shouldn't eat anything" she replied.


"Because eating makes you grow big and tall. So if you don't eat, then you'll grow smaller like a kid!"

Kid logic...

I found this skirt in the dead of winter marked down to $11. Seriously just $11. I was so thrilled that I just might have given a little happy dance in the store (just a subtle one).  And who wouldn't?  Stripes, full skirt, paper bag waist (we'll ignore the fact that it might make me look just a lil bit wide), cool asymmetrical details? WINNING!

I later discovered a ribbon tie on the inside part of the skirt (right below that flap pocket) and a button near the waistline. If you button the ribbon, it makes the skirt hem the same length all around rather than asymmetrical, and causes a funky bustle effect.  EPIC WINNING!

This anchor tee that I bought from Joe Fresh reminds me a lot of the whimsical tees that Anthropologie sells. It came in both this blue on cream colour, as well as a pink on navy colour. I couldn't resist buying both of them, although I justify the purchases because I bought one fitted and one big for a slouchier fit.  Hmmm, I see where Maya just might have gotten her brand of logic from.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Outfit of the day: Old Navy shirt dress + bird belt

Outfit Details:

shirt dress - Old Navy, bird belt - Costa Blanca, shoes - Faryl Robin, bag - Rebecca Minkoff MAC

Hi all, I feel like I'm just pulling my head out of a whirlwind of activity and just getting my footing again. With the guests, family reunion meet-ups, work, and everyday life, things have been pretty busy around here. The last of my relatives left on early Tuesday morning (and I mean EARLY as in 1am flight) and I am just starting to decompress again.

While I loved having my relatives here, and Maya loved having a cousin to play with, as well as the constant attention of many aunties and uncles, having a house full of people certainly makes you appreciate a little peace and quiet, and time to do nothing.  (Well okay, maybe the time to do nothing is what I penciled in from 9-10pm today.  Here's hoping it happens!)

Now if only I could appreciate how my clothes are feeling. TIGHT! The side-effect of too many good eats from home cooking (my aunts) and lots of restaurant lunch/dinner family gatherings. Hmm, I wonder if I can talk DH into BBQing fish instead of burgers for dinner.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Outfit of the day: H&M colour block dress

Outfit Details:

dress - H&M, shoes - Mia, necklace - H&M

Life is crazy hectic at the moment.  I have relatives flying in tonight to stay with us for a wedding/family reunion. It should be fun once they get here, but for now, I'm stressing myself out (yes, self-inflicted stress) trying to make the house spotless, the guest room and bathroom pretty and comfortable... as well as working full-time and being a mommy.  


Ah, that's better.

For days like this, nothing makes dressing easier than a comfortable and stylish dress. One piece dressing at its finest.  (Three if you include the shoes and necklace).

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wings, lamb and bacon burgers... oh my!

Outfit Details:

blazer and jeans - Gap, top - H&M, shoes - Gucci

So after all the cold weather, and anticipation for spring, it has finally arrived.  And practically overnight!  We had a fantastic Mother's Day weekend with lots of sun, backyard BBQing and even some swimming (thanks to our friends/neighbours next door and their heated pool).

Unfortunately backyard BBQing also means the beginning of summer weight gain.  Unlike most people, I end up gaining weight in summer and not winter thanks to a DH who loves to cook outside. Let's see, the weekend meals were made up principally of hot dots, wings, a leg of lamb on the rotisserie and bacon burgers. When I say bacon burgers... I literally mean that DH put bacon in the food processor and mixed it with ground beef to make 1/2 bacon 1/2 ground beef burgers (with a little bit of breadcrumbs and an egg thrown in).  I guess I shouldn't have been shocked when I weighed myself yesterday and the scale measured 5 pounds heavier than last week. Some of that must be water weight right?!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mother's Day tea

Outfit Details:

blouse - Charlotte Russe (worn before here)
jeans - Gap
necklace - Ann Taylor Loft (worn before here and here)
wedges - Target, bag - Cole Haan

This morning, Maya's class invited the mother's to stay for their annual "Mother's Day Tea".  It was a real treat which included the kids pouring tea for their mom (turned out to be iced tea... of course LOL), serving cookies which they baked and then performing a mother's day concert. I loved seeing Maya interacting with the other kids, as well as meeting some of the moms.

Since I was hobnobbing with other moms today, I decided to dress more casual and forgo my usual skirts and dresses in favour of jeans. Still, I couldn't help but jazz it up with lace and a statement necklace because, well y'know, I gotta be true to me.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Outfit of the day: Gap dress

Outfit Details:

dress - Gap, cardigan - Winners, necklace - Costa Blanca, shoes - Aerosoles (via Winners), tights - Joe Fresh

So two things:

1) It's May and I am still wearing tights and boots daily. Does this seem wrong to you?

2) I'm wearing purple tights. Purple tights!

The purple tights are just a wee bit out of my comfort zone, and to be completely honest, I was not trying to push any boundaries when I pulled them on today. I was running really really late and after rooting around in my tights drawer, I realized that all my navy, brown and grey tights were in the laundry hamper. It was either smurfy blue, black (didn't feel right with this outfit) or purple. I gave it maybe 2 seconds of thought before thinking... okay, purple it is. Have confidence, you can rock them!

These shoes are a recent bargain find from Winners. I'm hoping they fulfill my lust for the Aldo Equia:

and Seychelles Veronica:

that I missed out on from seasons past.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Kids say the darndest things!

Outfit Details:

sweater dress - Winners, necklace - J.Crew, shoes - Target

We have family staying for a visit next week, and among our guests is Maya's 2 1/2 year old cousin. I asked her if she was going to be a good "big sister" to him while he was here, and share her toys, etc. etc.  Her reply:

"I am going to take good care of him, and teach him things. And he can play with all my toys, and I'll let him do anything he wants even if he wants to do something wrong."
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