Friday, August 12, 2011

Paging all Canucks, paging all Canucks

Outfit Details:

tee - Joe Fresh, skirt - H&M, belt - Costa Blanca, shoes - Seychelles, bracelet - Locale

If you are a Canadian and you have a Superstore (or Joe Fresh store) in your area, run, I repeat run, to your nearest store.

Yesterday, I stopped by Superstore to innocently do a little grocery shopping... and maybe try and find the adorable tees that Carly has been sporting recently. I had no luck with her tees, but they did have racks and racks of clearance items. I made out like a bandit, including two silk dresses that I adore and look way more expensive than they were.

I also picked up this cute little top, and paired it up with two of the oldest items in my closet (skirt circa 2004, shoes circa 2005). Don't you just love mixing new stuff with old?


Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) said...

Ahhh I love it! I must get myself to Joe Fresh ASAP!

meegiemoo said...

I'll have you know that after reading this post I went to the ASS (Atlantic Superstore) and bought 2 t-shirts, a pair of sequined leggings, two bras and some oxford shoes. The shoes were $29.99!

Yay clearance!

overcaffeinated said...

@Elaine A - Seriously, it's totally worth going. They also have some cute basics for fall out already.

@meegiemoo - Yay, so glad you scored!

j'aime shopping said...

joe fresh is seriously the best! i love joe. you seriously have one of the best skirt collection i've ever seen.

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