Wednesday, August 31, 2011

21 Day Challenge: Day 15 - New Hair-do

Outfit Details:

dress - Old Navy, necklace - vintage

So we're on day 15 of the challenge, and I've officially hit a road block. Here's the situation -- I have the thinnest, flattest hair in the world, and anytime I wear it back, it looks sad and lifeless. I toyed with skipping this challenge completely, but the stubborn part of me refused to give up.  So in the end you get this.  By best attempt at doing something different with my hair.

Oh well. At least I tried right?


Jenn said...

Oh, cool a partial face :D You could always try putting a wave into it to get some volume. My sister has ridiculously thin hair and she 'waves' it (as opposed to curls it).

overcaffeinated said...

LOL Maybe I'll post my full face someday! Or maybe not... ;)

I've tried a curling iron on it to give it some volume and curl. I liked the results (and so did 4 year old Maya), but DH hated it. He said "That doesn't look natural... change it back!" LOL

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