Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hot with a side of humidity

Outfit Details:

dress - Joe Fresh, belt - Old Navy, bracelet - H&M, sandals - Matt Bernson

Today's a scorcher and uncomfortably humid, so it was the perfect time to wear this crochet-neck dress that I picked up recently from Joe Fresh (line found in the Canadian grocery store Superstore). I tell you... those Joe Fresh people are savvy! Who can resist throwing in an inexpensive top or dress or necklace with your groceries?

This top equals no-brainer dressing. It's loose, comfortable and jersey means it remains wrinkle free no matter how humid it is. Throw on a belt, bracelet and sandals, and you are good to go!


Peggy said...

I so need a Joe Fresh!!! Your title cracked me up - I grew up in WV and that's exactly what it was all summer long! Hey, I just noticed your F21 little girl necklace in the sail away pic- I almost bought one the day and now wish I would have!

Carly said...

Oooh, I'll have to go scope out this dress! It looks adorable on you. I always crack up when I'm unloading my groceries and then also buying pretty dresses and shoes. Lol. It's great.

matilda deathstar said...

Lovely! I envy your wrinkle-freeness. My dress today resembles a Shar Pei puppy!

md /stufffast.blogspot.com

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