Thursday, June 9, 2011

Crazy like a fox

Outfit Details:

top - Forever 21, cardigan - Forever 21, jeans - Gap, shoes - Gucci, necklace - H&M

After my little spree at Anthropologie, you'd think my thrist for shopping would be quenched. Let me guide you through my logic little grasshopper.

I found myself at Forever 21 with the intention of doing a quick return. However, anyone who knows me well (or let's face it, at all), knows that it's hard for me to resist browsing once I'm in a store. And browsing oft leads to shopping.

BUT look how cute this top is? I mean, it's nice and drapey, and it's covered with little foxes. Honestly, who could resist? The little sweater paired so well with it, and an outfit was born.

And I might just have taken a few more things home with me as well.

You might notice a trend. Many of the items I gravitate towards tend to be whimsical, and just a little Anthro-esque. So when I find an item that tugs at my love at Anthropologie, but without the price tag, I simply must get it. It saves me money you see?

Yes, I'm crazy... LIKE A FOX!

Forever21 polka dot top
$18 -

Forever21 a line top
$18 -

Forever21 ribbed cardigan
$20 -

Whimsical Girl Necklace
$2.80 -


Peggy said...

Oh no you didn't?? I LOVE this top -saw it last week - almost bought! I went in looking for a similar tank with OWLS on it, but they didn't have it. I LOVE your outfit. We have such similar tastes in clothes! I bought those little girl necklaces too!

kimmie said...

I love this top with the cardigan together. I wish I could just go out and buy those two things, but stupid budget gets in the way. :( They look great on you!

Jessica said...

What a darling little top! And it is very anthro-esque indeed!

Carly said...

That is the sweetest little top! I just adore it. I will head over to F21 right now to see if I can find it!

Kayla said...

Oh I love that fox top! What a great piece for summer! It is just so cute!

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