Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Casual OOTD + Anthropologie sale haul

Outfit Detail:

top - American Eagle, shorts - American Eagle, shoes - Matt Bernson, necklace - Tiffany, bracelet - gift

Normally, I'm not a huge American Eagle fan, but I went into the store to pick up a few things for DH. While DH shopped, I found myself wandering around the women's side and fell in love with this top:

ETA: I must've been blind when I clipped this because it's a slightly different top. Same style though. Wow, I should start going to bed before midnight!

It reminded me a bit of Anthropologie's Reed dress, and the fabric is light and soft. I couldn't resist, and grabbed a pair of jorts to try on with them -- partly to be silly (who me? jorts?) and partly because I secretly liked them. Surprise, surprise... I loved both items and bought them. Together they made one of my weekend OOTDs above.

As many of you Anthro fans are well aware, the third set of markdowns for Anthropologie's bi-annual tag sale started yesterday. And an unexpected bonus was an extra 25% markdown on all sale apparel. Well, that was enough for me to rush down to the store after work (after batting my lashes at DH to pull some babysitting duty). I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I brought at least 16 items into the fitting room with me. I'm actually pretty sure that count was much higher, but the nice SA wrote 16 on the door which I'm guessing is the official cutoff. LOL Despite my try-on extravaganza, I didn't find as many must-have items as I thought I would. However, I did come home with these babies, plus a mystery top that I can't find an online picture of:


Kayla said...

I love that top! The whole outfit looks so comfy! I can imagine that shirt with a great skirt and belt combination as well :) I do have a soft spot for plaid button downs!

Carolyn said...

Casual and stylish. I love the top!

Jenn said...

I couldn't resist the sale either! I got the Tied Down Dress as well and wore it today (although I steamed it first). Its such a cute little frock!

I also tried on that skirt but didn't like that it had an elastic band.

Complex Cardigans

Jenni said...

Oh, 16 items is nothing to be embaressed by. I have had well over 30 items in my dressing room before! =) I live 45 minutes away from my nearest Anthro so I have to make my trips count! Love all the items you got...I didn't even notice the Sudden Downpour top was on sale until today...may have to grab that one up!

Lady Cardigan said...

Oh, I've been eyeing that Downpour top, but I'm sure it wouldn't fit me! I'm glad you got it, anyway. I did order a couple of other items from the Anthro sale. Really good prices for this sale!

overcaffeinated said...

@Kayla - The outfit is super comfy, which is the main reason I found myself buying it. (Although I think it looks cute too :) ) I like your idea of the skirt and belt with the top... will give it a try!

@Carolyn - Thanks so much!

@Jenn - You know, I almost passed that dress by on the rack because it was a little wrinkly, but decided to give it a try on my second fitting room visit. Am so glad I did!

@Jenni - I love about an hour away from my Anthro, so I always try and make my visits count too. Confession: I think I visited the fitting room three separate times during this trip... although visit #2 and #3 only had a couple items. LOL

@Lady Cardigan - This sale totally sucked me in too. I miss your blog, I want to see what you bought! :)

eleanor said...

That top is sweet! I can't find it online so maybe it's worth a trip to the mall. This whole outfit really is fantastic – perfect for early summer weekends.

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