Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wings, lamb and bacon burgers... oh my!

Outfit Details:

blazer and jeans - Gap, top - H&M, shoes - Gucci

So after all the cold weather, and anticipation for spring, it has finally arrived.  And practically overnight!  We had a fantastic Mother's Day weekend with lots of sun, backyard BBQing and even some swimming (thanks to our friends/neighbours next door and their heated pool).

Unfortunately backyard BBQing also means the beginning of summer weight gain.  Unlike most people, I end up gaining weight in summer and not winter thanks to a DH who loves to cook outside. Let's see, the weekend meals were made up principally of hot dots, wings, a leg of lamb on the rotisserie and bacon burgers. When I say bacon burgers... I literally mean that DH put bacon in the food processor and mixed it with ground beef to make 1/2 bacon 1/2 ground beef burgers (with a little bit of breadcrumbs and an egg thrown in).  I guess I shouldn't have been shocked when I weighed myself yesterday and the scale measured 5 pounds heavier than last week. Some of that must be water weight right?!


Rachel said...

Hey, I always have to diet and still gain weight. :) But you have a man that likes to cook/BBQ and that is awesome. Honestly, I love bacon on a burger, I'm sure it's that much better mixed in.

vintageglammz said...

I love love love that polka dot top. I want one!!
I tend to gain weight in winter...all that comfort food. You can try and convince your DH to have more salad during the warmer months perhaps? Salads are a summer must!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

I always gain weight during cake season (which is what I lovingly call the months that envelop my and my husband's birthdays during which I eat an insane amount of cake) and right now I am holding onto it because of increased semester-end drinking. haha I still won't diet because I am stubborn. I just need to drink less and avoid dessert.

You look lovely and I am kicking myself for not getting those Gucci shoes in that color. I have them in green (if they are the wedges) and I really like the shape of the toe.

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