Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Outfit of the day: Gap dress

Outfit Details:

dress - Gap, cardigan - Winners, necklace - Costa Blanca, shoes - Aerosoles (via Winners), tights - Joe Fresh

So two things:

1) It's May and I am still wearing tights and boots daily. Does this seem wrong to you?

2) I'm wearing purple tights. Purple tights!

The purple tights are just a wee bit out of my comfort zone, and to be completely honest, I was not trying to push any boundaries when I pulled them on today. I was running really really late and after rooting around in my tights drawer, I realized that all my navy, brown and grey tights were in the laundry hamper. It was either smurfy blue, black (didn't feel right with this outfit) or purple. I gave it maybe 2 seconds of thought before thinking... okay, purple it is. Have confidence, you can rock them!

These shoes are a recent bargain find from Winners. I'm hoping they fulfill my lust for the Aldo Equia:

and Seychelles Veronica:

that I missed out on from seasons past.


eek said...

Darling outfit today. Way to be daring in your color choices!

matilda deathstar said...

Fabulous outfit, love the dress and the necklace.

Minnesota Maven said...

I love the outfit! With the shoes, I honestly thought they must have been seychelles, they look so similar.

Carly said...

Way to rock those tights! I love them :) Is the Gap dress a recent find? It's super cute! I second the notion that those shoes look very Seychelles-esque, and I also must join in on the lusting over those Equia heels. Sigh. I have them in black but I so wish I would have gotten the other ones!

kristin said...

I love the purple tights! Good choice:)

overcaffeinated said...

@eek - Thanks!

@matilda - Thanks so much. This is actually my first time wearing this necklace despite owning it for four months (proof that I have too much stuff LOL). I think it'll get a lot of wear now that the weather is warming up.

@Minnesota - Thanks! I was thrilled to find them. I think the bronze will go with a lot too

@Carly - Now I'm jealous... you own the Equia in black? What size do you wear again? ;)

@kristin - Thanks... at first I felt a little "out there" with the purple tights, but by the end of day, I didn't feel self-concious at all!

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