Thursday, April 21, 2011

Little Red Riding Hood

I wanted to share a funny scene from a few days ago:

For some unknown reason, Maya decided to fashion a red bonnet out of tape and crumbled red tissue paper (from an early Easter present). She placed it on her head just so, and proclaimed herself Little Red Riding Hood.

She wandered around the house pretend playing, all the while re-adjusting her bonnet (are all preschoolers just a little bit OCD?). Surprise surprise when it eventually ripped itself beyond repair sending Maya into a crying fit.

Being the good mommy who hates to see her child sad, I took her hand and went to find her a replacement -- a large green chain-link pattered scarf tied under her chin ala Marilyn Monroe… or stylish grannies. At any rate, she didn't really resemble Little Red Riding Hood, but I hoped her imagination was better than mine.

"Look" I said. "Now you're little green riding hood."

"Okay" Maya wandered over to the mirror to look. "I look like an old lady!" and burst into tears.

It took all my willpower not to laugh.

The solution now… distract distract DISTRACT. One basket of pretend food and one stuffed dog… I mean wolf… later, and I had a happy 4 year old. Whew!

Outfit Details:

top - Joe Fresh, skirt - H&M, belt - Anthropologie, boots - Frye

Not much to say about my outfit today besides the fact that it obviously has nothing to do with my little red riding hood story, and it's practically devoid of jewelry (except my wedding set) which makes me feel just a little bare. Sometimes I'm just in too much of a rush during the morning and the little things get overlooked.

Note to self: include jewelry in nightly preplanning of outfit.


Sal said...

Maya sounds like a hoot!

So enamored of that lovely skirt.

kimmie said...

Maya sounds too adorable. I can't wait for my son to get older and start talking more! (or maybe not...)

Love the outfit!

Jess said...

I really like that skirt with purple. For some reason I have trouble matching that skirt to other colours besides the one in the skirt itself. Your daughter is too cute! Imaginary food is always a handy thing to have around.

A Stylized Hysteria said...

Maya sounds like so much fun to spend time with! I love that she was not at all fooled by your red riding hood attempt. Sometimes, I get tired of trying to pick out jewelry, too. I don't think this outfit really needs any though, it looks great without.

tima i. said...

adorable story! and love the outfit!

Marella said...

Loooove your style!
Your blog is so cool! Following! Follow back? <3

amy kelinda said...

Awww, Maya! I think all little girls are a little OCD, haha! Boyfriend's niece is the same way -- she'll readjust her play/pretend things all day long to make sure it's juuuust right! I love the purple top with the fun, floaty skirt -- it's perfect!

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