Friday, April 29, 2011

Preschool Diva

Outfit Details:

cardigan - H&M, tee - H&M, skirt - Joe Fresh, boots - Frye, necklace - H&M, belt - Joe Fresh

When I first left the house in this outfit, I was jewelry-less and belt-less. Sometimes time just dictates that the accessories are an afterthought. Still, I was feeling just a little bit bare so as soon as I had a spare moment, I slapped on a necklace and belt. Ahhh, much better.

The irony is that I ran late due to my little diva's (aka Maya) last minute wardrobe changes. Apparently, the shirt and jeans she originally wore wasn't pretty enough, and was replaced by a fluffy skirt and pink hello kitty tee. Even more hilarious is that she remembered to accessorize even if I didn't... with her red and white heart necklace.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Outfit Details:

cardigan - U-Knit, top - Old Navy, skirt - Gap, boots - Frye, jacket - Gap

So I just might have stolen gotten inspiration for this outfit from Kendi Everyday. When I saw her wearing her combination a few weeks ago, I thought "Perfect! Love it... and will totally be stealing borrowing this". And then I filed it away for when it would be warm enough to wear bare legs and sandals.

Well people, guess what? We are at the end of April and it's still tights weather! I give up already... boots and tights instead of sandals it is.

I've had this sweater for years and bought it at a sample sale for about $15. Still, the cost per wear hasn't been great because the cardigan is too close to my skin tone and has the tendency to wash me out.  It has been tossed into the donate pile on more than one occasion, but continually gets pulled out at the last minute. I love that it has structure, yet is still a comfy knit. I think that wearing a white top underneath negates the wash out effect (that and a lot of blusher), so you'll likely be seeing this cardigan a lot more in the future.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Little Red Riding Hood

I wanted to share a funny scene from a few days ago:

For some unknown reason, Maya decided to fashion a red bonnet out of tape and crumbled red tissue paper (from an early Easter present). She placed it on her head just so, and proclaimed herself Little Red Riding Hood.

She wandered around the house pretend playing, all the while re-adjusting her bonnet (are all preschoolers just a little bit OCD?). Surprise surprise when it eventually ripped itself beyond repair sending Maya into a crying fit.

Being the good mommy who hates to see her child sad, I took her hand and went to find her a replacement -- a large green chain-link pattered scarf tied under her chin ala Marilyn Monroe… or stylish grannies. At any rate, she didn't really resemble Little Red Riding Hood, but I hoped her imagination was better than mine.

"Look" I said. "Now you're little green riding hood."

"Okay" Maya wandered over to the mirror to look. "I look like an old lady!" and burst into tears.

It took all my willpower not to laugh.

The solution now… distract distract DISTRACT. One basket of pretend food and one stuffed dog… I mean wolf… later, and I had a happy 4 year old. Whew!

Outfit Details:

top - Joe Fresh, skirt - H&M, belt - Anthropologie, boots - Frye

Not much to say about my outfit today besides the fact that it obviously has nothing to do with my little red riding hood story, and it's practically devoid of jewelry (except my wedding set) which makes me feel just a little bare. Sometimes I'm just in too much of a rush during the morning and the little things get overlooked.

Note to self: include jewelry in nightly preplanning of outfit.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

This isn't normal is it?

Outfit Details:

cardigan, necklace and belt - Joe Fresh, skirt, and top - Old Navy, shoes - Connie

It's April 20th, and it is 5C outside, and we are still getting flurries and it even snowed over the weekend.  Doesn't spring weather usually accompany the arrival of spring (which officially began a month ago)?

There haven't been any postings this week because I've been in bed for the last two days with the stomach flu.  Luckily (*knocks on wood*), I'm the only one in our household who seems to have caught it, and after two days of being knocked out on Nyquil, I'm finally coming out of it. The good news is I might have lost a few pounds from being sick. The bad news is I think I've already gained it back. Whenever I recover from a cold or flu, my appetite is insatiable and I end up eating like a teenage hockey player.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Feeling Groovy

Outfit Details:

top and skirt - Joe Fresh, boots - Frye, necklace - Urban Outfitters

Maya was singing Feeling Groovy on the drive to school, and consequently, I'm feeling groovy myself.  The sun is out, the birds are chirping, and a bunny even hopped through my backyard. Hopefully, the good vibes will last throughout the day, and it'll be a pretty groovy Thursday.

When I saw Lisa wearing this amazing outfit, it brought to mind a similar tee (this one with a built-in crochet neckline) from the Joe Fresh line at Superstore. I had considered it twice before (once at full price and once on the sale rack), but when I finally tried it on, the shirt had an odd fit at the shoulder line.  I was disappointed, but told myself that it was fate telling me "Stop adding so many darned striped shirts to your closet!"  

However, after seeing Lisa's outfit (and going back to the post daily like a stalker LOL), I couldn't resist but run down to Superstore and see if it was still there.  The navy version was sold out, but lo and behold there was one taupe shirt left in my size. I tried it on, and… no weird fit! (On retrospect, I think the one I tried on might just have been stretched out). Seeing that I have a ton of navy and white stripes already, the taupe stripes are a nice change of pace. Plus, it gives me good justification to add another striped shirt to my repertoire.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Outfit of the day: Field game cardigan k/o

Outfit Details:

ruffle tee - Joe Fresh, cardigan - Marshalls, jeans - Gap, shoes - Gucci, necklace - Joe Fresh

When it comes to Anthropologie goodies, my wish list is often a mile long, and due to a limited budget, I am forced to pare it down to an "essentials list". Oftentimes, I'll have to let an item go only to pine after it months later. This is especially the case when I see an item show up time and time again on the outfits of other bloggers, and I see how fabulous they look, how versatile said item is and how much I want it in my wardrobe!

One such item was the Anthropologie Field Game cardigan. I thought I missed the boat on this one, until I read reports of it showing up at Marshalls. I put out an SOS and an interweb friend of mine tracked it down for me. If you're reading this, thanks again Amanda!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Outfit of the day: Anthropologie Maryam tank + stripes

Outfit Details:

top - Joe Fresh, tank - Anthropologie, jeans - Gap, shoes - Connie, necklace - Ann Taylor Loft

When the Maryam tank first showed up at Anthropologie, I didn't pay much attention.  It seemed like tiers along the hipline was something I really probably shouldn't do. Then I noticed how lovely it looked on S and Bella, and it slowly grew on me until it reached my mental wish list. When it finally hit the sale pages last week, I couldn't help but take the plunge, although I wasn't entirely sold on it for myself.

The tiers are so pretty without being over-the-top. It can elevate a simple outfit and transform it from tomboy/nautical/basic to girly and fun. While it's still probably not the best silhouette for me (especially with stripes... natch!), I don't care. Sometimes, an item enters our wardrobe not being it is flattering, but because it speaks of our personality, and the image we want to convey so well.

Plus, it is just so darn PRETTY!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Outfit of the day: Anthropologie Precious Particulars blouse + wide-leg jeans

Outfit Details:

blouse - Anthropologie Precious Particulars, jeans - Citizens of Humanity, bracelet - Banana Republic, shoes - Connie

One of the biggest trends of the spring is the return of the wide-leg and flared jeans. While I might have only just embraced skinny jeans in the last 12 months or so, I'm still overjoyed that we have different silhouettes to choose from again.  Since wide-legs and flares were big several years ago, it also means that I can join in the trend without buying new jeans.

That's not to say that I haven't been buying them... a new pair of wide-leg trouser jeans from Gap just might have made its way into my closet recently.  Hey, just being true to my spring wish list.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I love to be blue

Outfit Details:

top - H&M, skirt - Anthropologie, belt - Forever 21, shoes - Aldo, scarf - Stylesense

I'm sure it's apparent from my blog, but my favourite colour to wear is blue. If presented with two colour choices, a shade of blue and otherwise, I will almost always gravitate towards blue. I find the colour to be serene and calming and happy (brings to mind blue skies, oceans, my birthstone). I actually struggle against filling my wardrobe with so much blue.

That said, I also love to dress in tone on tone outfits. It's a brainless way to look effortlessly chic. Besides neutrals like black, grey, taupe/brown (blah on me), white (makes me feel like a chunky monkey)... blue is one of the easiest to pull off.

On the other hand, scarves are something that I find truly difficult to wear. I like them, but I tend to reach for statement necklaces to complete my outfits. I was drawn to this scarf because of its softness and pretty pattern. It also garnered a rare compliment from DH the first time I wore it.

Not sure if I'm loving the shoe choice, but these babies have 4 buckles and I was too lazy to put forth the effort to change my shoes.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Gasp, oh no! A giant ant!!!

Outfit Details:

tank - Old Navy, cardigan - J.Crew, skirt - Forever 21, shoes - Joie, necklaces - H&M and "vintage" Avon

Well well well, what do we have here?  Pictures taken with a regular camera as opposed to crappy iPhone photos?  Hallelujah!

Usually I only have time in my day to take a couple quick shots with my iPhone camera in front of the coat closet mirror. Today I realized that it was too sunny for good pictures in my usual spot.  Rainbows and sparkles and patterns were coming in through the partial stain glass windows we have set into the front doors, and it was completely messing with the lighting. Darn you sun for being so bright and filled with sunshine today! So I had a choice to either wait until the afternoon when the sun moved over and behind my house, or to drag out the old tripod and point-and-shoot camera.

I must admit that the pictures do come out better the "old-fashioned" way. I may see if I can set aside a few minutes to do this everyday.  We shall see…

This morning Maya woke me up, her voice filled with urgency. "Mommy, where's Daddy? He needs to help me get the big toy ant from my shelf!" 

"I can do that for you", I replied.

"No you can't! Because it's April Fools Day, and the teachers said to get something scary out like a toy dinosaur, or bug or spider and put it  on the floor and try to scary your Mommy in the morning.  So I need Daddy to get the ant so I can scare you with it!"

Hmm, I don't think Maya quite gets how to perform an April Fools joke yet.  But I did my very best to scream and act surprised when she placed the giant toy ant by my foot.

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