Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Winter winter go away

Outfit Details:

blouse - Liz Claiborne (thrifted), sweater - Joe Fresh, skirt - Gap, boots - Miss Sixty

Old man winter sure likes to mess with our heads. One day it's warm and everything is melting. The next day is rainy and windy. And the next day the snow and cold temperatures are back. I am so done with winter. DH and I have been day dreaming about a retirement place in Florida, which is a great thought until I remember that we have about 20-30 years left of our working career before we hit retirement. Hmm, there's always the lottery I suppose.

After seeing all the great polka dotted outfits on everyone yesterday inspired me to break out some of my own. While its too late to participate in the challenge, wearing this under-utilized top makes me smile.


Sal said...

That skirt makes me smile!

Alana said...

Very cute!

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