Monday, March 14, 2011


Outfit Details:

dress - H&M, cardigan - Old Navy, shoes - Connie

So guess what?  I am trapped in my own house today with a crazy preschooler!

Okay, so maybe that's an exaggeration. But my car is trapped in the garage, and the automatic garage door opener is stuck. It opens the door about one inch before it jams, and stops. I tried cleaning off the sensors of the lovely dead bugs and spider webs that have accumulated over the winter (ugh). Nothing. I pulled the manual release, which slammed the garage door to the ground (and scared the hebejebes out of Maya who ran into the house in terror), and not even my freakishly strong muscles (sarcasm alert) could budge it open more than an inch or two. To top it off, this week is March break, so I was supposed to drop Maya at my MILs house while I worked from home. *sigh* Where are ten burly men when I need them to lift our SUV off the ground and move it to DH's side of the garage where the door is working perfectly?!

Oh well, we managed. I kept Maya amused for a couple hours with our pretend version of an indoor beach and lots of toys... and some cookies... and maybe some candy. (Like, I said, we managed!)


kristin said...

Nothing wrong with cookies and candy:) I just finished a half of a cookie (someone at my office made "monster cookies" which are about the size of a small record. It's nice to say that I only had half of a cookie, but it probably equalled about 4 regular sized ones!!!). Love the color of your cardigan.

Carly said...

Cute outfit!! I love your cardi :)

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