Thursday, March 3, 2011

New purchases: H&M blouse, Anthropologie Precious Particulars blouse

In an effort to keep my shopping in check, both in price and quantity, I am attempting to blog about all my fashion related purchases.  A much needed check considering that it's only the 2nd day of March and I've already bought two new tops to add to my closet.

First up is this H&M blouse. The polka dots, flutter sleeves and tie neck all appeal to my girly vintage nature.  The material is a very soft and flowy cotton.  It's a little thin, which isn't a bad thing for spring, but not to the point where I would need a cami underneath.  It has an elastic waistline that I'm not entirely happy with, as it limits the blouse to tuck-in only outfits.  I'm considering altering the top to remove the elastic and increase its versatility.  But we'll see how long it takes for me to get to this project.  (My alteration/mending pile is about a mile high at the moment).  On the plus side, the elastic does keep the blouse from untucking.  At just under $20 duck dollars (aka Canadian), the top is a steal and makes me want to go back and hunt the racks at H&M for more treasures.

And just look at how well it goes with my outfit of the day!

My second March purchase is the Anthro's Precious Particulars blouse, which made my spring wish list last month. When it went on sale today, how could I not pull the trigger? I can't wait to pair it with flares, platform sandals and a pair of oversize sunglasses for a 70s spring look. Since this was the only item that caught my eye this sales cycle, I opted to have the blouse shipped to me rather than treking to the store. With the ridiculous gas prices, it's actually cheaper for me to pay $7 for shipping than pay $12-14 for gas*.

(*) Wow, seeing that number print just made my stomach turn.  My next car is definitely going to be a hybrid or electric


igetdressed said...

Love the new finds, and the combo is really fun and cute!

KDot said...

I might have to go to H&M to try to snag that top - love it!

Gracey said...

That H&M top is adorable - I am not a fan of elasticized waists either, but this top might just be worth it. Very cute.

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