Saturday, March 5, 2011

Another cup of joe please!

Outfit Details:

cardigan - J.Crew, blouse - Gap, skirt - Old Navy, shoes - Connie, necklace - Tiffany

On the weekends, we tend to be more lax about schedules and bedtime in general.  Instead of rushing Maya to bed at 8:30pm, we'll let her stay up an extra hour and justify to ourselves that she'll sleep in the next day.  Then, we'll stay up a little later than usual ourselves, justifying that everyone can sleep in the next day.

Except Maya almost never sleeps in.

And every Saturday morning, I'm woken up by a preschooler before I'm ready to face the day, and it's a struggle to stay awake, and I'm begging someone to hook me up to an IV drip of coffee.  Why oh why do I keep doing this to myself?

I need to teach Maya how to work the remote control so she can wake up, go downstairs and watch her shows.  Oh, I'll need to teach her how to pour her own bowl of cereal too.  Hey, that's what me and my bother used to do on Saturday mornings!


Jenn said...

That story is too cute! My fiance and I stay up late on the weekends too, justifying it the same way. I remember last summer we stayed up until 3 or 4 am because we didn't have work (we're both teachers).

Love the way you styled your shirt. I have the yellow motif and sometimes struggle with the styling. It has to be tucked in, otherwise it's way too long for me.

Complex Cardigans

kristin said...

I love staying up late on the weekends! I'm definitely a night person and prefer to stay up super late and sleep in until lunch time. Unfortunately my job prevents me from doing this all of the time, but on the weekends, I'm all over it:)

Great outfit! I love the colors.

Cydney said...

OH, I feel you on this one. Not sleeping in anymore is one of the hardest parts of parenthood, isn't it? And OH, do I love every part of this outfit! SERIOUSLY. LOVE. It's perfection.

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