Friday, February 18, 2011

Stop the world... I want to get off

Outfit Details:

sweater - Joe Fresh, jeans - Gap, necklace - H&M, wedges - Gucci

Ever have a terrible TERRIBLE day at work? I'm having one of those. And it's only noon.

It's got to get better right?



Becca said...

Sorry for the bad day :(

Love the outfit, though! Especially the shoes!

igetdressed said...

You can take a deep breath and say "I'm rocking the nautical look, I'm rocking the nautical look, I'm ROCKING the nautical look" and hopefully you'll feel better!

overcaffeinated said...

Thanks for the kind words Becca and igetdressed. Things are better this week (albeit still a bit crazy). Still swamped at work, but at least I met my last deadline!

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