Thursday, February 10, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Anthropologie Field skirt and Joe Fresh military skirt

Outfit Details:

blouse - Joe Fresh, skirt - Anthropologie Field skirt, boots - Frye, tights - Joe Fresh, necklace - Forever 21, belt - H&M

These are two new purchases that I've been very excited about breaking out.  In fact, I just received the Field skirt on Monday evening, and of course, had to plan my Tuesday outfit around it.  The top is one of my first Joe Fresh finds from two years ago, and was a steal at... hmm, I want to say it was $6 or $7 as most. Sorry for the terrible picture. The winter lighting was not my friend that day, and my iPhone only takes half-decent pictures as it is.  (Note to self: find time to take decent pictures already!)

Outfit Details:

shirt - J.Crew, skirt - Joe Fresh, tights - Old Navy, boots - Frye

One of the reasons I love to do my grocery shopping at Superstore, is the great line of clothing they have.  I've had my eye on this military skirt and oogled it every time I walked into the store, but I had never actually picked it up nor tried it on.  I thought that the double breasted-ness of the skirt wouldn't be flattering on my hips and make me look wider.  When I saw a few skirts left on my rack marked down to $20, I decided that this would be the day I try it on.  Surprise, surprise... I really liked it!

I paired it with this several seasons old J.Crew button-down shirt to both play up the masculine military vibe, while the ruffles on the collar and skirt add a bit of a girly vibe.  I tried to add my initial pendant to lend a delicate feel to the outfit, but I discovered that the chain is completely tangled.  I must've put it away improperly last time.  Grrr!


Cee said...

Love both outfits. You wear a-line (is that the right term?) skirts so well. And I love that they have pockets!

kimmie said...

I'm in love with the color of the Anthro skirt. I can't wait til i have some free time, I'm going to go to the fabric store and make one for myself! (Um.. because i'm too cheap to actually buy it from Anthro)

And the Joe Fresh skirt is too cute too. You Canadians always make me so jealous with the Joe Fresh stuff! It's super cute!

overcaffeinated said...

Thanks cee! I need the a-line shape to disguise my thick waist. If I wear anything too boxy, I end up looking like a rectangle. LOL So pencil skirts and really full skirts are a bit tricky for me.

Kimmie, you can totally make this skirt! It's such a simple shape that I'm tempted to make a similar one myself in a pattern fabric. Only problem is, I'm not sure how to execute the elastic back with the non-elastic front... hmm.

S said...

oooh, i am loving your full skirt, slimmer shirt "uniform" lately. so flattering and though the silhouette remains similar, the pieces are each so unique and different. love it!! i am definitely drawn to the full military inspired skirts, with girly tops and accessories.

Meg said...

I love the first skirt most!
It's stunning!


Becca said...

You look fantastic! I love the blouse in the first one and the skirt in the second.

Amy said...

I love that yellow skirt! It is so fun and vibrant and looks great with that top. Lovely!!


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