Saturday, February 5, 2011

My love affair with Anthropologie

If shopping is one of my favourite addictions pastimes, than you could say that shopping at Anthropologie is my double rainbow. DH knows that all too well and despite his inability to fully understand my fascination with Anthropologie, he gave me a huge Anthropologie gift card as one of my Christmas presents. Kudos to DH for finding a present that I would LOVE!

Now Anthropologie is definitely my favourite store and more importantly, my favourite shopping experience. But I have often left deflated in the past because things are always priced so far out of reach. Let's face it, it's hard to justify buying a day dress (albeit beautiful and swoon-worthy) for $300. So I usually would leave with just one or two more reasonably priced items, and dream of all the rest that were left behind.

Then more recently, I discovered the power of the Anthropologie blogging community. These Anthropologie lovers (like Roxy) report on when the markdowns happen and what items. Given the fact that I had this uber-generous gift card from DH, I have been watching the weekly sales post religiously. So when several items on my wish list were marked down last week, I braved the traffic (1 hour each way) to make my pilgrimage to the Don Mills Anthropologie. It would be the first time I'd had the opportunity to step into an Anthropologie in well over 3 1/2 years.

As I entered, the familiar fragrance of Anthropologie brought me right back to my love of that store. (Must figure out how to make my home smell like that!) I skipped about the racks of floaty blouses, soft knits and silky dresses. Then I came across the sales section and joyfully discovered that all but one item on my wish list was waiting for me. (And ahem, that last item is on store send from the Yorkville Anthro at this very moment. Yay!) I'm a little embarassed to admit that I brought 22 items into the change room with me! Must be a personal record.

After I returned home, I explained to DH what its like for me to shop at Anthro. Imagine my normal method of shopping. I walk into a store, look around and find only a relatively small set of the items appeal to me enough to consider. From there, I try them on, and based on fit, quality, etc. that number gets reduced to a few I would consider. Maybe even none. In Anthro, at least half the store appeals to my aesthetic. Weeding out my favourites might reduce that to about 15% of the store. Once I narrow down what works based on try ons, I am now choosing from a group of items that I love, fit me, flatter me and work for my lifestyle. Basically, I am choosing from the best of the best.

The trip left me more satisfied than my Gap online orders (not that I'll give it up with their EPIC sales this season), my jaunts to Winners or my mallrat runs. I think I need to make it a priority to set aside a portion of my budget for Anthropologie outings.

It's an experience that feels as decadent as a dark, rich chocolate souffle, as indulgent as a day at the spa, and as transporting as a stroll through a European market.


goldenmeans said...

Anthropologie store visits are an *experience*, I agree! The environment is so conducive to happy, hour-long browsing and feasting-the-eyes sessions. It must have been so fun to go there after three and a half years (!!) too. And you picked up some lovely pieces for sure! The Laced With Grace Dress came home with me this week too :)

stephc said...

Finally I have found someone in the GTA with the same love for Anthropologie! My first shopping experience there was when a friend dragged me to the Don Mills location back in 2009. I bought one item and couldn't believe that I had spent $70 on a blouse. Mind you it quickly became my favorite. Well, last fall I vowed to take better care of myself and returned to Anthropologie only to become obsessed! I have donated half my clothing... sad items from Costco, Winners, and Old Navy. And now I have clothes that I love and look forward to wearing. I think the SA's know me by name now....
Enjoy your new finds!

Lady Cardigan said...

I've never had the good luck to visit an Anthropologie store! Maybe it's a good thing, don't know if my credit card could take it. I've been spending enough with them online as it is!

S said...

oh, anthropologie is the most delightful place of all, isn't it? i have this "problem" where when i am on vacation, it includes popping into any location to you know... visit. :) so fun! and i love love love that you picked up the field game gold skirt, purple bow top and the laced with grace dress. such amazing picks. i actually think the purple and gold could be nice together, maybe with brown or grey tights and boots?
thank you for such a pretty post that reminds me of how lucky i am that i now live somewhere where there are 3 locations and no sales tax!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

The BF hates going into an Anthro store for the same reason I love it - we're in there forever because there is always so much to see!

Your Anthro haul is super-awesome! Yay, someone else with the craftsmanship capelet - I can't wait to see you wear yours because I don't think I wear mine enough!

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