Friday, February 25, 2011

A grey kind of day

Outfit Details:

cardigan - Old Navy, tee - Old Navy, skirt - Winners, tights - Winners, boots - Miss Sixty, necklace - Tiffany

My outfit matches the weather (*). We are not winter people, so tend to spend the wintry days hibernating inside. I am overdue for sunshine, warmth, BBQs and kicking back on the patio. I cannot wait for spring.

I ran into Winners yesterday for what I intended to be a quick 5-minute trip returning a top. Well, it turned into a somewhat less quick 45-minute jaunt as I realized that their winter final clearance was in its last days. Digging through the racks turned up quite a few bargain priced gems including this skirt. It was just $3. Yes, three dollars! I found the same skirt in black and bought that too, blatantly disregarding my new year's resolution to stop buying duplicates! Oh well, can you blame me?

* Looking at this picture is making me want to run to my closet and throw on a colourful cardi.  Black is wonderful, grey is wonderful, but then so is colour.


Jess said...

Ohhh that makes me want to head out to Winner's today, but I really shouldn't. I love the colour scheme you have going on, almost monochromatic, but not. Lovely :)

Amanda said...

I would have bought that skirt in duplicate as well- it would be cute at full price but three dollars is a flat-out steal. Really, really cute.

kimmie said...

$3? Awesome find! I'm jealous of your shopping skillz. :)

S said...

love the cardigan!!

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