Friday, February 4, 2011

Closet cleaning

Last night, I had some time to myself, so I decided that I should tackle organizing my closet. My goal was not a closet purge, although I did organize with the thought that I would, as a side goal, try and create a donate and mend/alter pile as well. I was pretty successful with the alteration pile, but my donate pile was pathetically small. Just three pieces... FAIL!

As I organized, I examined each item that wasn't in my regular rotation and asked myself why I wasn't wearing it. Most of the time, the reason was because it just hadn't struck my fancy lately (but I still liked it), or it had fallen off the radar. If I wanted to keep it, I challenged myself to come up with a cute outfit that I would wear today, with my current style and life. It was actually a lot of fun, and I came up with several new outfits that I'm excited to wear. I need to shop in my closet more often!

I present to you the first outfit from my re-org. The skirt is actually one that I made about 1 1/2 years ago when I was first getting into sewing. I really love the shape, but I haven't broken it out for at least a year. The bird tee is something that I was so excited about when I first bought it, but then it languished hidden at the bottom of my extremely large pile of jersey shirts and tees. (Okay, so maybe I should tackle an actual purge now that my closet looks organized).

Outfit Details:

bird tee - Jacob, cardigan - Old Navy, tights and belt - H&M, skirt - DIY, boots - Frye


Carly said...

Great job on that skirt!! I was just shopping my own closet the other day, too, and came up with some great new outfits to wear! :)

goldenmeans said...

Good for you for organizing, and doing it so thoughtfully! I keep keep telling myself I need to do this, but am perpetually too lazy or only get done half way (I have many to donate piles on the floor I haven't done anything with...) You've inspired me to try tonight though!

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