Friday, January 21, 2011

Stop the presses

Output Details:

dress - H&M, necklace - The Bay, tights - Old Navy, boots - Frye, belt - can't recall

Despite the fact that I love clothing, shopping, getting dressed and all things fashion related, DH has little appreciation for my outfits.  In fact, if all I wore were jeans, hiking boots and hoodies, DH would probably say that I looked great, and I'm finally dressing practically for my life (WAHM living in the suburbs).

So imagine my surprise when I received a rare compliment* from DH on what I'm wearing today. I think my jaw might have dropped.  Hmmm, I wonder what the secret element to today's outfit is vs what I normally wear.

Or maybe he just finally opened his eyes and is thinking "HEY... my wife looks great, is great, and I'm a lucky guy!"  Uh-huh, that must be it! LOL

* To his credit, he says that reason he doesn't dole out the compliments is because I always look great and it gets weird to compliment someone daily about the same thing.  Of course, I disagree with that!


Jess said...

Ohhhh men, they are silly sometimes. Maybe it was the simplicity but curve showing part of the outfit? Cute dress, looks very comfy :)

kimmie said...

Haha! my husband is the EXACT same way. He could care less about what I wore, and I'm always having to fish for compliements. It's so rare when he compliments an outfit or says he likes something of mine, because i'm like "REALLY? What do you need from me? What kind of ulterior motives do you have?!"

Anyway, love this simple outfit. Looks so comfy and chic. And so jealous of your Frye collection. :)

Brianna said...

lol, my husband is the same way so it cracks me up to hear the same reason for not giving more compliments coming from yours as well. Do they read this stuff in a husband manual we don't know about?

I do agree with him though, you do look great, those boots are so fab

Lisa said...

love those old navy boots, btw I'm hosting a $100 Shopbop giftcard giveaway on my blog. come check it out

Allie (Wardrobe Oxygen) said...

My husband says the same thing - he doesn't compliment because I always look good. Though lately he has been offering opinions, I think because he takes the pictures for the blog and wonders what readers think. :)

And I think your outfits are completely appropriate for a WAHM int he 'burbs! No one needs to wear hiking boots unless they are hiking! :)

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