Friday, February 26, 2010

And the mommy's heart grew three sizes that day

Last night while she was getting ready for bed, Maya told me quite out of the blue "You're a super good mommy!" And then proceeded to give me a big squeeze and a kiss.

It's times like those that make even the less than stellar days just perfect.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


OOTD Feb 20 2010

Outfit Details:

dress - Martin and Osa, earrings - The Bay, tights - Joe Fresh, boots - Frye, bag - Rebecca Minkoff MAC

Excuse me while I crawl out of a tired haze. Maya has been sick and pukey for the last three days. Yesterday, she seemed to be getting better, and she is back to her old self today. In the meantime, I'm recovering from the lack of sleep and the toll of worrying. This is probably the sickest she's ever been, so DH and I went through a lot of "new parent" stress - even though we should be old pros by now.

You probably wouldn't have cared to see me over the last few days - no shower, no make-up, yoga pants, faded tees and greasy hair have been my uniform. Today, I'm looking a bit better since the "no shower" and "greasy hair" have been rectified. (Still wearing the yoga pants and old tee though).

But here's a little shot of my last decent outfit, which I wore to a fundraiser comedy club event on Saturday night. Whenever I'm feeling unsure of what I should wear and want to feel fabulous, I tend to throw on my favourite things. In this case, Frye Adrienne boots, Martin and Osa sweaterdress (love the extra long sleeves), Rebecca Minkoff MAC (which I saved my birthday bucks for) and gold filigree earrings.

Friday, February 19, 2010


OOTD Feb 19 2010

Outfit Details:

dress - Old Navy
cardigan - J.Crew
tights - Joe Fresh
necklace - Forever 21
boots - Frye

OOTD Feb 19 2010

So this is a bit of a "duh, no really?", but it just occured to me this morning that I could set my camera to take multiple shots on timer. Now, instead of taking 2 minutes to take 5 shots, I can take 10 shots in about 30 seconds. It also gives me more time to play around with my poses. Instead of posing, taking a shot, and then reseting the timer, it's now pose, (click), pose, (click), pose... Well you get the idea.

The fact that I could do this whole session in such a short time kept the toddler from noticing that I was taking pictures. Usually Maya hijacks my camera mid-way through and makes me take photos of her posing by the fireplace. (Like mama, like daughter).

OOTD Feb 19 2010

In response to my eureka moment, here are some gratuitious photos. I took ten shots, and managed to easily find four that I liked. Rather than edit, I figured I'd toss them all up on the blog today.

The fact that I'm having an amazing hair day probably helped matters greatly.

OOTD Feb 19 2010

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A little springtime...

OOTD Feb 18 2010

Outfit details:

dress - H&M, cardigan - J.Crew, tights - Joe Fresh, necklace - Cleo, boots - Steve Madden

Unlike the last couple of outfit posts, this one is composed entirely of pieces I've acquired in the last year. My goal for today was to break out of the blacks and greys of winter, and play around with a little colour.

I have a lot of trouble with incorporating paler shades into my outfits, although I do love them. I tend to gravitate towards blacks, greys, navy and brown neutrals with bright pops of colour. So when I put on this dress, my first instinct was to pair it with a berry purple jewel tone cardigan. Then this peachy one caught my eye, and I decided to go against the grain and wear it instead.

I'm pleased with the results. I think the peach compliments the green nicely, and makes me feel one step closer to spring. I'm so glad I broke out of my comfort zone today.

What colours do you gravitate towards?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vintage appeal

OOTD Feb 17 2010

Outfit Details:

cardigan - Milly, dress - Forever 21, necklace - The Bay, belt - Banana Republic, shoes - Nine West

Are you getting tired of the digging in my closet posts yet?

Here is yet another outfit made almost entirely from neglected pieces. The sweater was a sample sale find from several years ago. I should have taken a detail shot so you can see, but it has these darling little flower button closures on the cardigan. I also love the large pointelle knit and the scalloped edging.

OOTD Feb 17 2010

The dress was purchased back in spring 2006, and makes me feel so girly and pretty that I can forgive its unfortunate polyester content. I haven't worn it much lately because it had a longer hemline which threw me off a bit. The hemlines have risen quite a bit over the last two years, and I feel matronly in anything that isn't above the knee. A quick jaunt with my sewing machine last night has fixed that dilemna, and now it's the perfect length.

It's snowing today, so I had to trade in these darling heels for a pair of sturdy black boots. But let's just pretend I wore these heels out instead because I think they made the perfect completer to this vintage inspired outfit.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy heart day!

OOTD Feb 14 2010

Outfit Details:

cardigan - Old Navy, blouse - Max Studio, skirt - Baia, shoes - Nine West, necklace - Macys

After spending two days of family fun at Great Wolf Lodge with our friends, we're taking it easy for Valentine's Day to re-coup our energy. We're planning to give Maya her dinner and put her to bed early so that we can enjoy a toddler-free homecooked meal made by DH! Caesar salad, lobster tails, and filet mignon... mmmm...

OOTD Feb 14 2010

I decided that a quiet day like today was perfect for doing a little digging in my closet. After only a few minutes sorting through my blouses, I came up with this cute little brick red shirt, namely for the darling heart detail. It's actually a hand-me-down from one of my BFFs. She's 6' tall, so normally we can't share clothes (unless she wears my pants as capris), but unluckily for her this top shrunk at the cleaners and became a perfect fit for me!

OOTD Feb 14 2010

I paired it with this tweed skirt that I scored during my bargain finds last month. I bought it because it looked similar to Anthropologie's Twilit skirt which I had been eyeing. The flat pockets on my version are more flattering on me than the pockets on the Twilit skirt, and the bows are just too adorable. I decided to go all out with a sparkly cardigan (which I bought maybe 5-6 years ago, and haven't worn it in years) and a necklace that DH gave me many moons ago on another Valentine's Day. Finally, I put on my favourite pair of heels. I adore these shoes so much that I'm irrationally worried about wearing them out.

Although the blouse was the piece I was building around, I ended up with four items that I've had which don't get worn enough -- blouse, cardigan, necklace, shoes. Not bad!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Digging in my closet day

OOTD Thursday Feb 11 2010

Outfit details:

cardigan - Kohl's, tee - H&M, skirt - Old Navy, belt - Banana Republic, boots - Franco Sarto, necklace - self-made

Hold your horses... two posts in two days? It's a miracle!

After my relative blahness over the last week, I felt that I should do a little digging in my closet.  I unearthed this cardigan that I purchased a few years ago. It's a knock-off of a J.Crew cardigan, and I adored it when I bought it, but I don't think I've reached for it at all the past two winters.  One of the problems is that it's about a size too big for me.  I cinched it with this skinny belt, and I think the result is great.  It defines my non-existent waist and gives the cardigan a better shape.

From the cardigan, I decided to get over my lackluster creativity by mixing it up.  Literally!  Pattern mixing is always something I've admired on other people and wanted to try myself.  In the past, I've done subtle mixes.  For example, I'd wear a floral print skirt with a thin striped tee, and a cardigan over to tone the whole thing down.  This time, I wanted to go a little bolder.

I'm pretty happy with the end result, and amazingly, it only took a few minutes to put together this combination.  But what do you think.  Does this outfit work?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday February 10

OOTD Wed Feb 10 2010

OOTD Wed Feb 10 2010

Outfit details:

dress - In Wear (find from The Bay), turtleneck - Old Navy, shoes - Connie

I apologize for the lack of posts lately. The extremely creative title above should be an indication of how tired and uninspired I feel lately. Between doctors appointments, work, Maya's birthday party and hosting Super Bowl Sunday, I haven't had a moment to update this blog.

My outfits have also been pretty uninspired as well. I still feel good in them, but they definitely did not require any creative thought processes. I pretty much spent the days waking up, thinking "What can I throw on in one minute that still looks pulled together". And then I would rely on my standby outfit combinations which I've shared with you all before. Whenever I try to get creative during a busy time and try something new, I ultimately end up frustrated with a huge mess on my floor and late for whatever appointment-class-meeting I have planned. And I still end up feeling like a frumpy mess all day.

How do you keep your outfits fresh and inspired when life gets hectic?

Today was the first time in well over a week that I was able to put some thought into what I am wearing. The dress is a new bargain find ($22) from the Bay and I adore the ruching/ruffles that can be adjusted for what flatters the wearer best. The shoes are another irresistible bargain ($28). I originally bought the brown on sale for $40. When they dropped in price again, I re-bought them at the cheaper price and felt compelled to get the black pair as well. Mary jane heels are a weakness of mine, and I thought these were very Anthro-inspired (yet another weakness).  The fact that I can actually walk in these heels and still chase after the toddler sealed the deal.

(Stock picture of the brown pair)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy birthday to my favourite girl!

OOTD Mon Feb 1 2010

Outfit Details:

sweater - H&M, tee - J.Crew, skirt - Old Navy, boots - Fraco Sarto

Is it just me or do the days seem to be passing by quicker and quicker? Today Maya turned 3 years old, and I am simply in disbelief. When did my teeny baby grow up into this rambunctious, darling little girl, complete with a personality all her own? She tells jokes now, can do handstands (with help), chooses her own clothes and is even copying some of the behaviour from her big girl friends. (The other day, she was drawing on her MagnaDoodle and frowned at her picture. "I hate it", she sighed, and proceeded to erase and re-do her drawing.) It's funny. On the one hand, I'm proud of every one of her achievements and relish the amazing person she is becoming. But on the other hand, I feel sad with every passing day that she's getting older, and will miss who she is right at this moment.

The official party for her is on Saturday. I feel a little behind in planning, but thankfully, she's not at the point where she's overly picky about themes, colours or even the complete invite list. Her only request was that her cake be a Princess Dora one and that she get to wear a pretty dress to her party.
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