Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sales sales everywhere

Lately I feel like everything is on sale, to the point where my wallet and closet can't take much more saturation. (I'm talking about YOU Gap and your 40% off promotions). I've gotten to the point where I need to force myself to second guess purchases I would've jumped on a few months ago.

Case in point, this dress. I spotted this recently on the H&M sale rack and spent a good 10 minutes debating if it should come home with me. I adore the fit, and you couldn't do wrong with the price (hello... $10!). Yet I stood there in the changing room thinking, "Yay, nay? Is the print cute or fug?"

Finally I snapped myself out of it and took it home with me.  I'm glad I did.

Outfit Details:

dress - H&M, necklace - J.Crew, tights - Roots, shoes - Connie


Jess said...

For $1o I think you made the right choice, great outfit! :) You can wear it with one of your new cardigans too. I bet that would cute.

kimmie said...

I know, right? All those 40% off Gap sales make me think I should NEVER pay full price for anything ever again. hehe.

Love the print! :)

20 York Street said...

That dress is merely ten dollars! You my friend made the good decison of taking it home!



Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I sometimes ponder and hem/haw over a $10 or $20 and then clickety-click my way over a $100 without an issue.

Ah deals definitely make you second-guess your shopping habits - "do I REALLY love this piece or do I just want it bc it is cheap?"

Those retailers are crafty peoples ... ;o)

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

That print is CUTE! But I am very biased as I adore all thing paisley. What a bargain!

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