Monday, November 1, 2010

Big ole pocket skirt

Outfit Details:

top - Gap, skirt and belt - H&M, tights - Joe Fresh, flats - Banana Republic, Bag - Foley and Corinna


In the past few months, I've seen this skirt become a favourite with many bloggers.  From pictures, I thought it was cute, but nothing that I really had to have.  Until I happened upon it in a recent trip to H&M.   The pockets looked so cute and drapey, the material had a nice flow to it, and the olive was a colour lacking in my wardrobe.  So I brought it with me to the change room.  At that point, it was plain and simple LOVE.  So much so, that I went back the next day to pick up a second skirt in black.

When I wear this skirt, I can't keep from putting stuff in my pockets. Apparently, Maya can't either and takes great joy in hiding her Polly Pockets and Littlest Pet Shop toys in them.


Kayla said...

I can't deny how amazing this whole outfit is. I must admit, I have also decided that the skirt is nice but something I could live with-out. The more I see it on everyone however, and now after reading your review I'm starting to question my need for more comfort.

eek said...

That is a great skirt! Love your look today :)

amy kelinda said...

Awww, I love a skirt with great pockets! I never put anything in them, though, but I can see why your little one would be tempted, haha!

Jess said...

That skirt is just awesome on everyone! I really like how the drape of the shirt matches the drape of the pockets, very nice :)

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I am in love with this skirt - and the belt! I have them both and LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I actually have to keep myself from wearing them too often bc they are such comfy and easy pieces.

You look fantastic!

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