Friday, October 29, 2010


Yesterday's attempt to sleep early was half successful.  DH made it to bed around midnight, and I shortly after him.  A little better than my previous night's bedtime of 1:15am.  (I'm shaking my head.  Seriously, what is wrong with me?)

Unfortunately, our sleep was interrupted by Maya coming into our room -- her little cheeks hot and pink around 1am.  Poor thing had a temperature.  One dose of Tylenol and 15 minutes later, she was asleep in our bed.  But of course, being a paranoid mama of a preschooler, I slept pretty lightly and kept checking her temperature with my hand every time I woke up.

She's better now, temperature almost back to normal, but she'll be home from school from the day.

It was super dark outside this morning, and that coupled with my tired state resulted in the slightly off leg wear.  I thought I was pulling on a pair of grey tights, but they actually turned out to be olive green.  Ah well, I think they still go.

Outfit Details:

cardigan - J.Crew, top - Old Navy, skirt - Gap, tights - Joe Fresh, boots - Frye



Rachel said...

I have problems sleeping, too. I have not slept well any night this week. I just can't shut off my brain when I go to bed. I literally lay there and think about what I want to sew next, or I worry about something I shouln't be worrying about. I used to not be that way. I love your outfit!!! I just love navy and white.

amy kelinda said...

Oh no, sorry to hear about your sleeping woes! But I'm also glad to hear that the little one is feeling better! And olive green totally goes, so don't worry about your legwear being "off." Those boots are awesome!

Jess said...

Oh that is not a good start to your new sleeping routine :( I hope your daughter is feeling better by now :) I didn't even notice that the tights were off, so no worries :)

goldenmeans said...

Oh, I forgot how much I love this cardigan! J.Crew 2007, when I loved everything they put out. You make it look great and make me want to pull mine out again ;)

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