Thursday, October 28, 2010

Morning madness

For some reason, mornings in my family are always chaotic.  I think it's because we are made up of a bunch of night owls vs. early birds.  I stay up much later than I should, and ignore the fact that I an exhausted and should go to bed.  (Because apparently, I'd much rather watch bad TV).  Maya fights bedtime claiming that she's not tired and "is it wake up time yet?" until the moment before she conks out.

And then of course, every morning, DH and I resolve that this morning routine is too tiring and stressful, and that tonight is the night that we go to bed early, and subsequently, wake up early.

Yah right!  We'll see if we stick to it tonight...

Outfit Details:

shirt - Gap, skirt - Old Navy, belt - can't recall, tights - Old Navy, shoes - Aldo



alltumbledown said...

I am also a night owl, but need to reform quickly as hubs is doing his surgery rotation for the next 2 months and needs to wake up at 4:30! Love the touches of brown to this outfit-- all the more impressed knowing now how your mornings go.

Jess said...

Great outfit, I love when people wear plaid. I can't carry off plaid shirts like that, I tend to look more country the chic like you. Aww I think I am the opposite of a night owl, by the time 10:30 comes around, I am usually in bed, almost asleep. Ohhh I think I have those shoes in grey, from a few years back right?

eek said...

I love the ruffles on the plaid shirt - too cute. Those shoes are great too.

good luck with getting to bed earlier. just think of how good more sleep would be :)

Lady Cardigan said...

I'm a night owl and I've found that's something that just can't be changed. Right now I'm working on sleeping eight hours instead of sitting up forever. It's not easy when you're the kind of person who wants to be up all night!

I like your outfit, especially the shoes. Very cute.

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