Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The look for less

Although I swear every fall/winter that I have more than enough coats to last me a lifetime, I can never resist adding a few to my collection.  Enter Old Navy.  I managed to snag a few when they went on super sale last week.  (I placed an order right away because I suspected that the outerwear Facebook coupon would cause Gap Inc. to raise the prices again.  I was right.  My Friday prices are cheaper than the price now... even WITH the code.)

Anyway, the mail person just dropped off my order and I am now sitting here debating between the yellow and orange. The yellow seems more fun, but I'm trying to figure out if I have yellow blinders on. The orange might be more flattering on my Asian skin (yellow undertones with pink cheeks).

And although I missed out on last year's J.Crew ruffle coat:

I think this is a good substitute.

The material is not the best quality nor the warmest, but I'll take it as a cute coat that will take me through fall and the warmer days of winter (or house to car days).


KDot said...

I bought the same jackets on Sunday. The orange is on its way to me along with the ruffled one in blue! You have good taste!

goldenmeans said...

Ooh, those coats are so cute! :) Great buys!

Jamie said...

Very cute coats. I just picked up ON ruffled collar coat in gray. I was seriously considering the yellow, but I thought it might wash out my pale skin. In person, I also thought the gray wool looked higher quality than the yellow. But I am still considering exchanging it for the yellow -- I cant resist a nice colorful coat!

Mary said...
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kimmie said...

I was so tempted to buy the orange or the yellow ruffle collar coats... they are TOO cute, but I decided to buy the tan toggle coat, just because it has a hood. And I can't afford to buy two new coats this winter. :(

The ruffle coat is goregous too! I'm loving Old Navy this season :)

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