Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday February 10

OOTD Wed Feb 10 2010

OOTD Wed Feb 10 2010

Outfit details:

dress - In Wear (find from The Bay), turtleneck - Old Navy, shoes - Connie

I apologize for the lack of posts lately. The extremely creative title above should be an indication of how tired and uninspired I feel lately. Between doctors appointments, work, Maya's birthday party and hosting Super Bowl Sunday, I haven't had a moment to update this blog.

My outfits have also been pretty uninspired as well. I still feel good in them, but they definitely did not require any creative thought processes. I pretty much spent the days waking up, thinking "What can I throw on in one minute that still looks pulled together". And then I would rely on my standby outfit combinations which I've shared with you all before. Whenever I try to get creative during a busy time and try something new, I ultimately end up frustrated with a huge mess on my floor and late for whatever appointment-class-meeting I have planned. And I still end up feeling like a frumpy mess all day.

How do you keep your outfits fresh and inspired when life gets hectic?

Today was the first time in well over a week that I was able to put some thought into what I am wearing. The dress is a new bargain find ($22) from the Bay and I adore the ruching/ruffles that can be adjusted for what flatters the wearer best. The shoes are another irresistible bargain ($28). I originally bought the brown on sale for $40. When they dropped in price again, I re-bought them at the cheaper price and felt compelled to get the black pair as well. Mary jane heels are a weakness of mine, and I thought these were very Anthro-inspired (yet another weakness).  The fact that I can actually walk in these heels and still chase after the toddler sealed the deal.

(Stock picture of the brown pair)


orchidsinbuttonholes said...

I love the combination of black and blue, and the detailing on that dress is fantastic.

I try to turn to my favorites when life gets hectic, but pull on something different, too. Even if it's just a different accessory - one that doesn't get as much love and wear - I feel a bit more fresh and different.

Hope things calm down a bit for you!

Diana said...

I love the ruffles on your dress. When life gets crazy for me, I love to look through my favorite style blogs and Wardrobe remix on Flickr. I bookmark my favorite outfits, then create an outfit based on one of them.

Jane W. said...

When life gets hectic I rely on accessories and try to color combinations. "Structural" experiments under duress do not work well for me!

The ruching on that dress is wonderful. I see endless remix possibilities there.

e. said...

Welcome back--I missed reading your posts!

Great maryjanes! I can only wear dress shoes with straps because my heels are too narrow (and toebox too wide)--everything else just falls off or hurts tremendously.

I can't even imagine being a mom to a little one and looking put together, yet you seem to do it all the time. I am a fan of how you layer to winterize dresses—it's practical and creative, and you do it so well.

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

yay you're back!!!
i love that ruffly dress. lovely lovely.

goldenmeans said...

I'm so glad you are back to posting! I decide my outfits impulsively in about 45 seconds too almost every day, but I guess that's why there's always a puddle of clothes on my floor? :) I think you look great even in your "standbys", and also here! And the shoes are fabulous! I want a pair!

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