Monday, January 11, 2010

The best brunch this side of NYC

Outfit Details:

dress - Porridge, tights - Joe Fresh, boots - Frye, coat - Old Navy

Since moving out of NYC, the husband and I have been bemoaning over missing the fabulous foods of the city. Don't get me wrong, our town has a surprisingly wonderful array of restaurants. More than I had hoped when we made the decision to leave the city for the suburbs. But there's still something missing compared to the New York eateries -- a certain vibe, a je ne cest pas. While that's not a bad thing for our pocketbooks (we end up eating in and cooking a lot more than we did when we lived in Brooklyn), it still makes us homesick once in a while for our former culinary indulgences.

On Sunday, we both woke up with the urge for a good restaurant brunch. DH declared that he absolutely did not want to go to Cora's and would rather eat at McDonald's. (They are known for their sweet brunches, and DH and I are savory brunch kind of folks). I spent a few minutes on Chowhound and came up with Stoney's Bread Company as the go-to place for a good brunch where we live.

We were not disappointed. Stoney's is a laid back, yet bustling eatery with a very NYC (as per Grey Dog Cafe) kind of vibe. And then there's the food. Oh my gosh, the food is simply phenomenal!

The most amusing thing is how nicely Maya sat and ate her brunch. I've noticed that she always sits and eats better in restaurants than she ever does at home. And at this place, she was so happy and animated and well-behaved that anyone watching us would be jealous over our model child.

In other news, I happened to come across this Old Navy cadet jacket last week during their clearance sale. Between the coupon I had and the additional clearance savings, I managed to snag this jacket for a mere $14! My wardrobe has been missing shorter length coats and this one definitely fills that hole. I see myself getting a lot of wear out of this coat.


goldenmeans said...

:) I am laughing at Maya eating nicely at restaurants! I have a 10 month old nephew who is mostly an angel at home but lovvvves to kick up a fuss if we bring him to a restaurant (because he is upset that everyone is eating food that he doesn't have).

That dress is so pretty, and it goes so well with your boots (which I think I have, are they the Avas?). I have two or three tops in that print of the dress (in green and in brown) from a couple years ago when Porridge was having some crazy clearance sale..wish I had gotten a dress too now, you make it look awesome!

Happy to see you posting again!! Take care :)

Rosa said...

oooh that dress is so cute! and that coat!!!! looks much, much nicer than old navy!

where are your favorite recs for brunch in nyc? i am a huge brunch fan and will check them out when i'm there at the end of the month!

Diana said...

Those boots are gorgeous, and I can't believe that coat was only $14. What an awesome find!

overcaffeinated said...

Goldenmeans, these boots are the Frye Fiona tall boots. Anthropologie sold them, but I managed to snag them off revolve for a deal last fall. They are super comfortable, and my go-to boots if I need to walk a lot yet still feel stylish.

Rosa, most of my favourite brunch places are in Brooklyn (Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens) since that's where I lived my last three years in NYC. My fave brunch spots are: Frankies, Chestnut, Alma, Bar Tabac (great sidewalk scene), Bubby's and Frankies. Most of these places have outdoor seating in the warm months, and Alma has a great outdoor rooftop. As far as Manhattan goes, I enjoyed my brunches at Balthazar, Grey Dog and Good Enough to Eat (in the UWS). Sarabeth's is also very popular, but the wait times on the weekend drove me insane. HTH!

bunnyhead said...

Those boots are gorgeous! I love the dress :)

A Stylized Hysteria said...

Okay, LOVE this dress! Love it, love it! Actually, I really love this outfit. And I am dying of jealousy over your well-behaved child. My nephew loves showing off (i.e., acting up) in public. My poor sister!

Fell 4 Fashion said...

I love everything about this look!! Utterly fabulous!!!

Kristin said...

LOVE those boots. I have a pair of Frye cowboy boots that I'm completely enamored with!

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

yay you're back!
that brown dress is just fabulous!

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I love that dress and the coat is awesome!

I do like to eat at Cora's whenever I'm in TO, but my favorite is Aunties and Uncles on College.

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