Thursday, December 17, 2009

Eleven dozen cookies

OOTD Sun Dec 13 2009

Outfit Details:

shirt - H&M, cardigan - J.Crew, jeans - Banana Republic, shoes - Steve Madden

Since moving back to the suburbs, I've joined a Mom's group. On Sunday, one of the meet-ups was a cookie exchange. It sounded like a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, and it was just for the Mom's (no kids) so it seemed like it would be a much appreciated break for me.

Then a couple days before the meet-up, I reread the invitation. I had thought I was supposed to bring two dozen cookies - a dozen to share at the event with everyone and a dozen to exchange with one other mother. Umm, obviously I cannot read. The invitation actually said to bring a dozen to share at the event and a dozen for EACH mother. Given that 10 other Mom's were attending, that brings the grand total to eleven dozen cookies... or 132 cookies!

So guess who spent Saturday afternoon baking?

Shortbread cookies!

It actually wasn't too bad. I had been smart enough (or lucky enough to be honest) to choose shortbread cookies for the exchange. Besides the chocolate I topped the cookies with, it only required four little ingredients. Score!! Plus, I actually love to bake and the 2 1/2 batches I made turned out wonderfully.

The only problem now is that I came home with a ton of yummy cookies, and I also still have 1/2 batch of shortbread that I baked myself. I spent Sunday and Monday munching on the cookies (soooo good and I didn't want them to go to waste) and feeling incredibly guilty over the amount of sugar, fat and calories that I was consuming. Then it hit me. I could just freeze the cookies, and enjoy them slowly over the next month or two. So I am now down to just 1-2 cookies a day instead of the gratuitous cookiefest I was partaking in.

In other holiday related news, What Would A Nerd Wear requested pictures of the tree I trimmed with Maya. Here you go, with a bonus picture of our fireplace!



KDot said...

Very pretty!

Now I want to eat cookies.

goldenmeans said...

Your tree is *gorgeous*!! You and Maya did an awesome job :) Oh, and I will gladly receive any leftover cookies from you, those look yum.

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

good heavens, that's a lot of cookies! (and omg, your tree is amazing--i love the bows!!).

Diana said...

A cookie exchange sounds fun. But it seems kind of ridiculous that they expect you to bring that many - aren't most moms to over-worked and over-stressed already?

La Historiadora de Moda said...

That tree is lovely, as is your outfit!

sasyone said...

I agree with the others here who like your tree. It's really beautiful.


myedit said...

11 dozen cookies! That's too much baking and too many cookies for me to have in the house! Funny thing is, I freeze my baking too (when I bake, very occasionally) to avoid over eating but I've discovered that a lot of cookies taste better frozen!

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