Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Suburban sterotype

OOTD Nov 16 2009

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cardigan - Old Navy, skirt - Old Navy, tank - Martin & Osa, shoes - Banana Republic outlet, necklace - DIY

Yesterday I attended a brunch meet-up with my mother's group. In a way, I've become the stereotype of all suburban moms --- 4 bedroom house in a very typical subdivision, SUV, trips out to the grocery stores and parent/tot classes, backyard BBQs with the relatives, pot-lucks with the neighbours… and to top it off, the mother's group I joined a few months ago. I'm sure that soccer mom will be yet another label I'll add to my repertoire once Maya gets older. (And hopefully, mom jeans will be a label I never earn).

I have to admit that I'm enjoying life in the suburbs. Shocking, I know. Especially since I spent so much time living in NYC, epicentre of culture, food, fashion and a melting pot of individual style. But I suppose that I always imagined my kids having a similar childhood to the one I experienced. I never found life in the suburbs as a child all that bad. It was quiet, safe, predictable… yes. But it was also warm, fun and happy. I want to give my kids space to move around, the ability to play in their front yard, and the slower pace that'll keep them kids just a little bit longer.

Truthfully, I do end up dressing slightly differently whenever I meet up with any other mothers or take Maya to any of her classes. Or maybe more accurately, I dress to not look too fashion-y or even too polished. I suppose I feel a little self-conscious that people are indeed judging me by my appearance. And that I don't want to come off as vain, or too involved in myself -- like I'm the horrible mother who drags her daughter off shopping everyday and spends every spare minute fussing with her appearance in the mirror. (I swear this is not me!) And I suppose I don't want my appearance to make people think I'm aloof and unapproachable. I do a good enough job of that as myself since I'm an introvert. When I was little, I was painfully shy so I try my hardest now to put myself out there. Hence, one of the reasons I joined this group.

When I met with the moms today, one of them complimented me on how nice I looked. It's silly, but I totally downplayed what I was wearing because I began to wonder if I looked out of place. She was 100% genuine in her compliment so I don't know why I felt embarrassment over looking nice.

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