Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Getting the balance right

Sometimes I have a hard time striking the right balance between the image I want to project, the styles that I admire, and the look that most people with my lifestyle have. DH has told me several times that sometimes, he wishes I would just dress like all the other moms around here. He believes that me "dressing up" distances myself from other people, and make me hard to approach. It's not that the other moms around here dress badly. Most look great, but their style is so much more casual than my own (yoga pants, jeans, stylish sneaks). You'll see me dressed in jeans and sneakers going to the park, but more often than not, I'm in a simple dress, tights and flats.

Often I daydream of being born back in the 50s/60s where people were always immaculately dressed just because anything less was improper. Of course, their wardrobes were so much smaller that I'd probably cry from the lack of choices as well. I love looking at old pictures of my parents when they were dating. They and all their friends look so glamorous, yet relaxed and natural in their clothes. Even their picnic attire makes me swoon. My mom would wear capris, a simply sleevless blouse, sunglasses, scarf and wedges and look every bit as elegant as Audrey Hepburn. She passed away almost five years ago, and I still miss her every day. She's probably my strongest fashion influence and my icon, although I never truly realized that until she was gone.

We are such a great point in fashion where really, anything goes. But in reality, there's a limit to where I feel I can push my fashion boundaries before my age and lifestyle make it look ridiculous. The outfit that I have on today is one of my dressier ones. It's a quiet day for us so I had a little extra time to put into my appearance. The shoes are really my "fantasy" shoes for the outfit I have on. Leaving the house, I'll probably exchange them for a pair of ballet flats.

Outfit details:

skirt: H&M, top: H&M, necklace - Anthropologie, belt - ?, tights - Nine West, shoes - Frye

OOTD Nov 11 2009

OOTD Nov 11 2009 necklace

OOTD Nov 11 2009 shoes

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sharonlei said...

I adore those T-straps.

Love & Aloha!!

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