Thursday, November 12, 2009

Chain store shopaholic

OOTD Nov 12 2009

OOTD Nov 12 2009

Outfit Details:

dress: H&M, belt: H&M, trench: H&M, tights: H&M, boots: Frye, necklace: gift

I spent the better part of the day in an old grey t-shirt and black yoga pants, as me and Maya had a parent & tot gymnastics class this morning. After going home, having lunch and some playtime together, I was overcome by a sudden urge to change into something cute and check out the Old Navy friends and family sale. (Hmm.. are my shopaholic tendencies showing themselves?)

We both ended up scoring some cute things, and a nice sales associate allowed me to re-purchase the coats I bought earlier this week with the discount. Score! I have completely and totally burned through my budget for this month, but I do have some nice things to show for it.

I wish I could write about more interesting items that I shop for. Little treasures found in thrift shops, or vintage finds that I'll never see a dozen other people wearing. But in reality, most of my wardrobe comes from a variety of chain stores: H&M, Old Navy, JCrew, Gap, Banana Republic and Joe Fresh are my staples. I'm envious of all my fellow bloggers who write about the things they find: cute little peter pan blouses from the 60s, feminine 50s day dresses or a pair of amazing knee high boots circa 1970s. I would love to begin thrifting and shopping vintage, but the thought of digging through racks of clothes seems a little daunting with a toddler. I also wouldn't know the first place to start with regard to the shops. I've been to Value Village a few times before, but I don't think I've ever unearthed an amazing treasure. Oh, and I used to love haunting Housing Works in New York (both the one in the UWS and the one in Brooklyn depending on where I lived at the time). I have found some cute things there, but again, no amazing vintage finds.

So what are some tips for a newbie wanting to begin thrift/vintage shopping. Leave the toddler at home perhaps?

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