Monday, July 20, 2009

What I wore: Happy Anniversary!

Friday was Mo (DH) and my 11th anniversary.  That's right kids... I've been married 11 years.  Why yes, I am an old lady.  But to my defense, we married right out of college so in reality, I'm not quite geriatric yet!

To celebrate, we dropped Maya off at my in-laws and went for dinner at Cucci. Now living in New York City for nine years has made me a bit of a food snob. But I'm glad to report that the food was fabulous. The rack of lamb was especially tasty and the best I've had... EVER!

For such a special night, it deserved one of my favourite DVFs, my beloved red epi LV speedy that DH bought me for our 9th anniversary, and the Bettye Muller peeps that DH surprised me with two birthday's ago.

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