Friday, March 20, 2009


It was cold today, and Maya is still a little sick so I kept her home today. The little girls next door came by to ask Maya if she could come play outside (these visits still make me chuckle since I remember when I was "called on to play" by my friends growing up) and I felt a little bad saying no. They always look so disappointed. LOL

Still, Maya and I were able to enjoy a little of the outdoors from the warmth of our house. As the sun was setting, the sky turned beautiful shades of pink and purple and orange. Maya was enraptured at the colours of the sky. She just turned back and forth between smiling at me and looking at the sunset, and just smiled and smiled. We managed to snap a photo of the sunset with my iPhone, but unfortunately the reflection of the sliding doors coupled with the poor quality of a camera phone resulted in this:

Maya was thrilled at the photo in any case, and I am glad we have this memory to share together.

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