Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Oh my, I'm inspired!

Over dinner at my in-laws today, I discussed with my brother-in-law an idea he's been kicking around for awhile now.  He's an illustrator with a dark imagination, and he wanted me to translate into word a character he came up with (pretty awesome character I might add), and broaden it into a full children's story that he will do the illustrations for.

As soon as he described the character to me, and his general ideas... I immediately knew the tone I wanted to use, and I could see the richness of the world.  I couldn't wait to put Maya to bed tonight so I could get it down on paper (er... computer). 

I haven't been this inspired to write in a long time.  Everything is so clear, it's like a movie that I'm watching in my head.

dress - J.Crew
necklace - vintage (was Mom's)
shoes - Nine West Ruffled

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