Wednesday, March 4, 2009

May I boast for a moment?

Amazingly, I have reached and passed my shopping ban goal. I promised myself that after the shopping spree (ie: recession fueled deals) of late 2008, I would not shop for myself until March 1st 2009. At the time (mid-Dec), it seemed like a fanciful and hard reaching goal. Nevertheless I was determined not to fail... if only, just to prove to Mo that I could do it.

The first few weeks were the hardest. But once I got over the urge to shop, it became easier and easier. Now, it's almost as easy to not shop, as it was to shop once upon a time. It was a good habit to break, and I hope that I can keep it up... even after I allow myself to start shopping again.

One thing that helped me attain my goal was the fact that... online shopping is almost non-existent in Canada. For instance, I was perusing Old Navy's site this morning and their J.Crew knock/off of the Tartine cardigan is available in a slew of pretty spring colours... and... on... sale! I have a huge weakness for cardigans, and seem to have a goal to collect them in all the colours of the rainbow (and then some). If Old Navy had shipping to Canada, I surely would have broken down by now.

Now that I've actually surpassed by goal though, I am toying with the idea of seeing exactly how long I can go. It would be interesting to see just how strong I am. And when I do finally break down, it'll be for something that I really love. Which, seeing how well stocked my closet is, should be the justification for a new purchase anyway...

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