Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Where did these come from?

sweater - Martin and Osa
skirt - Old Navy
tights - H&M
shoes - Nine West

I just dug these shoes out of my closet, and had to throw them on. I just adore the grey detailing on the t-strap and the retro feel of the skinny wedge. Even though they are probably about four years old, they feel new to me. Hence, the fun in re-discovering goodies in your own closet.

... Plus, it probably shows you how much I've worn them since I've had Maya. I've only just begun wearing my heels again. Navigating a frighteningly steep flight of stairs along with bumping a Bugaboo up and down a flight of brownstone stairs resulted in me almost exclusively wearing flats and flat boots while living in Brooklyn. Now that I'm in the 'burbs and drive a car, I am able to wear heels again (during the short periods of time that the snow has melted anyway).

I would call this outfit an example of my daily uniform. Everything is wash and wear, and extremely comfortable. I went through the whole yoga pants, tee or hoodie SAHM uniform back when Maya was a wee thing, and I just felt so frumpy. I consider this outfit just as easy to wear, and just as comfortable for running after a toddler.

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