Saturday, February 21, 2009

One of those days...

Today started off great. Maya overslept and gave me and Mo a chance to catch up on our sleep too. It was a fairly nice day -- sunny albeit cold. And we made plans to go for brunch and then over to the Apple store.

Then it all went downhill. Without getting into all the icky details, I just feel like I am being picked on for doing nothing wrong. Not a nice place to be. I feel so downtrodden right now that the day could become nothing but rainbows and songs, and I would still be counting the minutes until I can crawl back into bed. Unsalvageable. Nothing short of a million dollar winning lottery ticket can make today seem all right again.

To lift my spirits (because wearing something nice always makes me feel better), I put on my most beloved sweater dress. It's like wearing a painting...

Wallowing in self-pity in:
dress - J.Crew
tights - Old Navy
boots - Frye Adriennes

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