Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Sorry for the fingerprints on the mirror. Such is life with a 2 year old.

sweater dress - Martin & Osa
tights - Nine West
boots - Frye

Every year in my high school, the student council would organize a Valentine's Day exchange.  You could buy a "kiss" (Hershey's) for a quarter along with a note, and send it to whoever you wished.  The kisses were distributed on Valentine's Day morning in homeroom, so it always felt a bit like a popularity contest.  

Despite my shyness, I had a lot of friends in high school.  I'm pretty easy going so I got along with pretty much everyone.  So even though I was always a little worried about being embarrassed over a "lack of kisses", I was usually pleasantly surprised by the amount I received.  It probably helped that my friends and I would sit in the cafeteria at lunch, and fill out the notes.  So seeing how many kisses I was giving out probably resulted in my getting a good number in return.

I rarely got any from the boys, unless they were a good friend (just friends) of mine.  I was shy, blush easily, and felt socially awkward among boys I found attractive.  After I graduated and went to college, I later found out (from a boy or two who liked me in high school) that my shyness translated to aloofness and they found me unapproachable.  One boy told me that I seemed to have so many friends and was never alone, that he found it intimidating.

Ah... but I digress.

So today is Valentine's Day, and even though I know it's an occasion made up by card manufacturers and candy companies, I still get a little thrill from it.  Mo woke me up with a sweet "Happy Valentine's" this morning before he went to run an errand with his Dad.  He later proclaimed that Valentine's Day is nothing special, which I do sort of agree with.  But deep down, I like to make it into something special.  It is a nice sentiment -- showing someone how much you love them... something old married couples like me and Mo forget to do often enough.

After Mo made his little anti-Valentine's Day speech, his mother laughed that yes, it is true.  And then she went on to mention how her husband surprised her with flowers last night.  "They (the flowers) are much overdue", my father-in-law smiled.  

Which made me smile.

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