Saturday, February 7, 2009

Falling in love with my new home

top - Philippe Adec
skirt - Tocca
boots - Frye
tights - H&M

I woke up today to the warmest day that we’ve seen in months.  As such, I felt inspired to put a little effort into my Saturday attire.  I pulled out this skirt from storage a few days ago, and was overjoyed to find that it actually fit!  (Hurray for losing a few more pregnancy pounds!)  I paired with it one of my favourite sweaters, my favourite brown boots and I was ready to go.

We decided to try out a local restaurant for brunch.  We’d passed it a few times, and I’m sorry to say that the food snob in me made fun of it.  The decor needs a little sprucing up, but the food and service definitely made up for it.  I did feel a little overdressed compared to the other Saturday morning patrons, but I’ve come to terms ages ago that I will always be more dressed up than most.  I just get so much enjoyment out of putting together an outfit just so.  And to be perfectly honest, a skirt, sweater and boots are just as easy to wear as jeans, a sweatshirt and sneakers.  Different styles, but just as comfortable in my opinion.

Brunch was great, and I think it will become a standing place for us.  Maya behaved well. There were enough toddlers/kids so that she could be her happy, rambunctious self and not have us worry about it.  Plus, she liked the food.  Albeit, she ate to follow the typical toddler diet (ie: waffles, toast and juice), but just that she was content during our meal and ate made me a happy mom.

Afterwards, we took a drive to downtown (Old) Oakville to do a little walking and boutique browsing.  It made me feel “at home” and almost as if I’d never left Brooklyn.

Days like today reassure that we made the right choice in settling down in Oakville.  It has more character and charm that the other suburbs surrounding Toronto (at least I think so).  So far, as good as the food was in Brooklyn and Manhattan, I’ve found enough good restaurants to keep me content here.  The neighbourhoods of Downtown Oakville and Bronte Village give me the charm that I miss in Brooklyn, while the malls and plazas (bleh) at least give me the convenience for everyday life.  I can’t wait until spring comes when we can take full advantage of the neighbourhood walking trails and nearby Provincial Park.

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