Thursday, December 4, 2008

Baby Grrr

We are spending this week at my in-laws house, and they live nearby a shopping mall.  Because the family is busy with personal stuff (that I won’t go into here) right now, it’s left me and Maya with a lot of free time.  It’s cold outside and hovering around freezing, so in order to get her out of the house, and expend some exercise, we’ve become mall rats.

Basically, we went to the mall four days in a row.  There’s a Santa that works in the center of the mall, and I spent the first two days trying to convince Maya to take a picture with Santa.  

“Maya do you want to meet Santa?” “No!”

“Maya do you want to take a picture with Santa” “No no no…” she would purse her lips.

Imagine my surprise when on the third day, she said “Yes”.  I asked her two more times and the same was a definitive “Yes”.  So I took her up to meet Santa for a minute, just to see her reaction — suspicious but no crying or screaming.  I asked her one more time “Do you want to take a picture with Santa?” 


So I talked to the “elf” who handed her a little stuffed bear which she later named Baby Grrr.  Then I took her over to Santa and placed her on his lap.  ”A bish shavih” she told Santa as she showed her the near bear.  Wow… not wanting to rock the boat, I ran over to stand by the photographer.  ”Smile Maya” I called.

She looked up, realized that I wasn’t with her… and gave the cutest I’m trying to smile but I actually want to cry smile.  She lastest about 10 more seconds before I rescued Santa… I mean Maya.

Remembering my first photo with Santa (ie: toddler screaming and flailing hands as Santa attempts to smile), I would call Maya’s photo session a great success.  And we have a fantastic photo of Maya and Santa talking quietly about her Baby Grrrr.  

If you ask Maya, did Santa give you Baby Grrr?  She will smile and say yes!

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