Sunday, July 6, 2008

We fail as ferberizers

You are probably wondering how things have been going regarding the sleep issue. Well, it is official. Mo and I are wimps when it comes to following through with the ferberizing. Everything started off well, and Maya was sleeping through the night a good 10-11 hours, and taking 1-2 hour naps.

Then came the trip to Canada.

When we visit Canada, we stay at my in-laws in their guest room and share the room with Maya. Since we were not alone in the house, we didn't let her cry-it-out for fear of waking the house. Instead we picked her up and put her in our bed. When we returned home, she expected the same treatment. I tried to let her cry-it-out, but she made herself throw up (this girl gags and throws up easily) and slammed her mouth on her crib causing her to bleed! That is where we totally wimped out, and gave up. She was getting so upset and all she really wants is to be held by us, so how could we (I) not?

At the beginning, I was a little upset by our failure, but now I've embraced it and am happy with how things are.

So this is the new lay of the land. I hold Maya before naps and bedtime until she's asleep and lay her in her crib. When she wakes up, I pick her up and she gets to sleep in our bed. Usually we're already in bed when she wakes at night, and it's no big deal bringing her into the bed. In fact, despite the occasional kick from her, I'm better rested than ever because she sleeps longer in our bed and doesn't get up until 8am. As for naps, if she's slept enough I'll just get her up when she cries. Otherwise, I'll pull her into our bed and let her finish her nap while I read a book or a magazine or putter away on my laptop. Occasionally, she'll have interrupted me in the middle of a task, but mostly... I welcome that it forces me to slow down and relax in the day.

... And I have to admit, Mo and I really love waking up with her beside us. As I watch her sleep, I always think that one day, she's not going to want to sleep in our bed. And then I feel a little sad and hold her closer.

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