Sunday, July 6, 2008

Maya's Vocabulary

I'm sure that one day, Maya will ask me about when she did certain thing. ie: Took her first step, said her first word, etc. So I should really record that here for prosperity. Let's start with her vocabulary.

Her first word was Mama. I want to say that she said "Mama" for the first time back in October but I couldn't tell you for sure. (Sorry Maya, I didn't write it down). Her next word was "Dada". That I did record and here's what I wrote:

Friday, November 16, 2007

Yesterday evening, Maya added a new "word" to her vocabulary. She started saying "dah dah dah" during dinner. When she started up again during playtime after dinner, I immediately ran for the camera. Mo was ecstatic when he saw the video. "She's saying Dada!" he explaimed. Well sort of... if Dada was "duh duh..." Hee!

Since then she has slowly expanded her vocabulary. She said "bose" (nose) and "douth" (mouth) and "bish" (fish) for a few weeks, and since, has never said them again. Boo!

Currently, she can say: cup, hot, up, hi (but like "Hi!!" in a very bright and cheerful manner), bye, wawa (water), dog, cat, O Rie! (Riley), Yaya (Sophia), MayMay (Maya), baybay (baby). Her favorite word at the moment is "No". I can't help but smile when she says it because in a very sweet and gentle voice, with pursed lips, she'll say "No"

She also loves to make animal noises. Cows, pigs and sheep all say "Baaa!" in Maya's world. She can quack like a duck, pant like a dog and meow (very well in fact) like a cat. She also likes to say "vroom vroom" whenever she sees a car, attempts to tweet like a bird and choo like a train. Finally she can sound like a monkey ("ooo ooo"), an elephant and roar like a lion/leopard/tiger.

I have to admit that she picks up animal sounds easier than actual words. Perhaps she'll be a veterinarian or zoologist one day.

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