Monday, February 25, 2008

Isn't this the cutest?

I admit it. I love shopping and I love Maya. Put them together, and you get a mom who likes to dress her baby up in the cutest clothes.

In our Brooklyn yuppie-filled neighborhood, there is a plethora of baby boutiques. While I can't afford to create an entire wardrobe out of them, I still occasionally make a splurge worthy purchase. And if there's a sale, I can't resist stopping in. Today, I stopped in on the way home to see what was left of the winter clearance.
I left with this cute number on the left, marked down to $27 from $50:

Jessi Jumper

It'll look so cute layered with thick patterned tights and a cute l/s tee. Since it's a jumper, the sizing is very forgiving so I know it'll fit Maya next fall/winter. The pockets are adorable, and I keep having images of Maya posing with her little hands stuffed inside.

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