Friday, October 6, 2006


I'm sure you have probably noticed that there has been a 3+ month haitus on my site. Pretty bad considering that I had just resurrected it, posted for about 3 weeks and then dissapeared once again. Hmm, actually maybe you were expecting it. Well, I just wanted to let you know that I had a reason for my Houdini act.

I... am... pregnant!

Maybe you're thinking, "Oh Shopaholic, I understand. You've been wracked with horrible morning sickness that has lasted well past the first trimester."

Umm... no.

"Were you just so tired all the time that using a computer for anything but work was a chore?"

Well, yes for the first several weeks, but I've been feeling pretty good lately.

"I give up... where have you been!"

Hey, don't get testy now. My psycho pregnancy hormones are making me very sensitive! At first, I just didn't want anyone but close friends and family to know about my pregnancy before the first trimester (which according to my doctor is a loooong 14 weeks!) to know. Then I didn't tell work until I was 16.5 weeks pregnant, and my crazy paranoia made me worry that they'd someone find out through this website. But really, those aren't my main reasons. The real reason why I dissapeared is because deep down... I'm really superstitious.

I didn't want to post my pregnancy as public knowledge until I was out of the danger zone. So I waited until the 20 week mark. :)

Yes, that's right. I am a little over 20 weeks pregnant.

My crazy superstitions would probably still be keeping me out of the weblogging world if not for the fact that I've been itching to keep a pregnancy diary. I figure that it'll be nice for me and the baby to look back on my experiences over these 40 (okay, less than 20 currently) weeks.

So stay tuned for all things baby.

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