Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mission Impossible

Fourth of July weekend came exactly one week after I discovered I was pregnant. That weekend brought with it a bunch of social engagements with friends which brought about a new delimna - keeping it a secret until we were ready to announce.

I devised a brilliant plan. I told Mo that I would have the waiter pour me a glass of wine along with everyone else. Then while I pretended to drink from my glass, Mo would sneakily drink both his wine and mine so it would look like I was drinking. Foolproof I thought... after all, no one looks at what I eat and drink that closely right?

It seemed to be working fine until we received our appetizers (read: worked for about 10 minutes). At that point, my friend Tim started looking at me suspiciously. "How come you're not drinking?" he asked. He gestured towards my full glass, contrasted with everyone else's near empty. Mo was not doing a good job of drinking from my glass. "I am", I replied taking a fake sip of my glass. He didn't look convinced but was appeased for now.

Since Mo was doing such a rotten job, I jabbed him as a reminder to drink from my glass. Now let me tell you, the last job Mo should get is as a spy because he chose right away to pick up my glass. "Hey Mo", laughed my friend John. "That's Theressa's glass you're drinking from!"

This went on for a while until everyone around me was asking why I wasn't drinking. "C'mon, c'mon... tell us!" So I finally had to fess us, we were pregnant. At that point, John laughed and said "Duh, it was pretty obvious when Mo started drinking your wine. You guys aren't very stealthy you know". (paraphrased since it's been so long that I can't remember his exact words)

We had congratulations all around, and I cheered everyone with a newly ordered glass of cranberry juice.

Finding out (aka peeing on a stick)

Mo and I had been trying to have a baby for a couple cycles, so after one or two dissapointments of testing too soon I purposely put off testing. But when you-know-who didn't show up about a week after scheduled, I decided that it was time to buy myself a pregnancy test. On Saturday, I was tempted to do the ole' pee test, but we were late for brunch with friends so I postponed it.

Sunday morning, I woke up around 9am and had to pee. I looked over at the test waiting by the sink and figured now was a good a time as any. Well, after I was done... I put the stick on the counter so I could wash my hands, and while I was still sudsing up, the test flashed "Pregnant" (I learned to use a digital test since the two lines tests are so hard to read). I blinked hard and felt my heart accelerate. Was that for real? I stared at it for a good two minutes before I finally believed what I read.

I could feel a slow grin crossing my face, and I rushed into the bedroom waving the test.

"Mo, wake up" I said.

He groaned but I could see he was just teasing.

"Look" I said thrusting the test into this face.

He rolled over, and then rolled back and opened his eyes. "Oh no", he smiled.

A minute later, he was out of bed, wide awake and doing the battlecry that I'm sure all newly expectant fathers do. "Yeah!" he cried. "My boys can swim!"

Friday, October 6, 2006


I'm sure you have probably noticed that there has been a 3+ month haitus on my site. Pretty bad considering that I had just resurrected it, posted for about 3 weeks and then dissapeared once again. Hmm, actually maybe you were expecting it. Well, I just wanted to let you know that I had a reason for my Houdini act.

I... am... pregnant!

Maybe you're thinking, "Oh Shopaholic, I understand. You've been wracked with horrible morning sickness that has lasted well past the first trimester."

Umm... no.

"Were you just so tired all the time that using a computer for anything but work was a chore?"

Well, yes for the first several weeks, but I've been feeling pretty good lately.

"I give up... where have you been!"

Hey, don't get testy now. My psycho pregnancy hormones are making me very sensitive! At first, I just didn't want anyone but close friends and family to know about my pregnancy before the first trimester (which according to my doctor is a loooong 14 weeks!) to know. Then I didn't tell work until I was 16.5 weeks pregnant, and my crazy paranoia made me worry that they'd someone find out through this website. But really, those aren't my main reasons. The real reason why I dissapeared is because deep down... I'm really superstitious.

I didn't want to post my pregnancy as public knowledge until I was out of the danger zone. So I waited until the 20 week mark. :)

Yes, that's right. I am a little over 20 weeks pregnant.

My crazy superstitions would probably still be keeping me out of the weblogging world if not for the fact that I've been itching to keep a pregnancy diary. I figure that it'll be nice for me and the baby to look back on my experiences over these 40 (okay, less than 20 currently) weeks.

So stay tuned for all things baby.
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