Friday, June 9, 2006

The challenge: shopping ban

I've been really naughty lately, and have been shopping quite a bit. Last month, I caved and bought the chalk (ivory patent) Marc Jacobs Ursula bowler that I've been lusting over. And now this month, I've visited the Diane Von Furstenberg sample sale (my must-go-to sale of the season) and the Botkier sample sale. Between those two, I've blown my budget for June AND July.

And it's only June 9th!

My husband has been really understanding about my major purchases in the last few months. He's only given me a little bit of grief over it, which I very much appreciate. However, considering that I've been shopping like Paris Hilton (scratch that, I would never dress like Paris Hilton), yet don't have the salary to match, I really need to watch my spending. So I promised hubbie and myself that I would not buy any new clothing/accessory purchases until August 1st. (Eep!) My husband actually tried to convince me that I shouldn't shop until September 1st, and which I laughed and said "What are you doing, setting me up for failure? I'm strong, but I'm not that strong!"

Right now I'm on day two of the ban. It's been going well so far, partly because I have so many pretty new things waiting to be worn in my closet. We'll see if I get the jitters in a few weeks...

Wish me luck!

Picture of my new 'baby':

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