Friday, June 9, 2006

Botkier Sample Sale

I went to the Botkier sample sale on the first day after work (I literally ran out of the office). I was originally going to skip because I thought they would only have spring 2006 merchandise, and I didn't think the prices would be so great. But it turned out that this was a really excellent sale. Although, they didn't have the exact bag I was looking for (Botkier Stirrup in Metallic Twilight) I wasn't dissapointed.

I arrived at the sale at 5:30pm and got in straight away. It was crowded, but not unbearably so. I think they had just re-stocked recently because the tables were full of bags that started to trickle away right before my eyes. By the time I left around 6:25pm, maybe 1/3 of the bags were left on the tables.

As I walked in, a table of pearl mini holsters in a pebbled leather caught my eye. The leather was so pretty on it. For some reason, one of the bags was marked $75 so of course, the bargainista in me snatched that one straight up. Just in case it was discounted and the rest weren't. Well, lucky me! I asked a sales associate and yes, this bag was discounted (rest were $150) because of a teeny defect on the handle. I wouldn't even have noticed!

The only other item on the table that interested me was the Bombay Tote in natural. It's such a pretty bag. But I eventually decided that I wouldn't need three light colored bags (the mini holster I was holding, my Marc Jacobs bowler). Also, I wasn't too crazy about the small opening on the Bombay Tote. It would be a pain to get things in and out of. And I also didn't like the fact that it was handheld only, so I put it back on the table (to be grabbed by another girl).

Speaking of grabbing... all the good bags weren't on the table, but in the hands of other women. They were literally holding five each and circling each other, waiting for a woman to put a bag down. Women were literally coming up to me every few minutes and asking if I was taking a specific bag! A woman near me decided against the black x-studded stirrup, so that became mine! I wasn't too impressed with the bag from the pictures online, but it is gorgeous in real life. Now the question was, did I want this black x-stirrup or should I take a chance that they'd have the metallic twilight stirrup after they restocked the next day. After a little deliberation, I decided that I would buy the black stirrup. I only have one black bag and it has gold hardware. So this fills a need in my wardrobe and is probably a more versatile color for me anyway. And I'd already left work early that day, so I didn't want to waste a lunch hour tomorrow that could potentially result in nothing.

The next day, I heard reports that the Botkier sale was madness. Not only did girls wait 1.5 hours to get in, but the truck delivering the new shipment had been delayed, so they opened 1.5 hours late! Another report said that the sale was pretty picked over by 4:45pm, and they only had the bags that I had no interest in left.

I was VERY glad that I picked up the bags I did when I did.
Review forthcoming...

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