Sunday, November 6, 2011

How Overcaffeinated Got Her Grove Back

Outfit Details:

trench - H&M, blouse - Joe Fresh, jeggings - Forever 21, shoes - Joe Fresh, scarf - H&M, ring - H&M, bag - Rebecca Minkoff, sunglasses - Ray Bans

Ignore the ghostly hand peeking out from behind my head. It's a remnant of Maya's halloween artwork that I have yet to take down.

Howdy there! I know it's been a long time, but I have an honestly and 100% truly good reason for my absence.

I'm a little over 14 weeks pregnant.

And basically weeks 5 to 12, I spent in some kind of coma. I pretty much made it through my days in some kind of zombie haze where I would drop into bed exhausted by 9pm every night, and sleep right through (well, except for the 2-3 bathroom trips) until 7:30am.  To top that off, my body expanded and I went through the nothing-fits-me-and-I-feel-fat-and-ugly-in-everything. Not the best mindset, and not one that I felt compelled to share with the blogging world.

It's sad, but clothing really does affect my self-esteem that much. After feeling like a frump in a daily uniform of leggings and a loose top, I finally asked myself... is this really how I wanted to spend the next 9 months (okay maybe 6 months by that point)?  Or did I want to take inspiration from all the stylish pregnant bloggers out there, and the effortlessly chic celebrity moms and embrace my changing body? I chose the latter, and am determined to be a pregnant mom with style.

After two months of not shopping (and me being an admitted shopaholic, that's how yucky I felt), I finally felt motivated to find clothes that fit and flattered me last week.

So here's to day 1 of trying. I feel pretty good in this outfit --  comfy, casual yet chic.  The three c's I hereby swear to live by.  And bonus, you can (kinda) see my face in the pics!

I am wearing jeggings that I was shamefully, super excited to find at Forever 21.  They have an elastic waist, and are pretty much leggings made of lightweight denim. With the hideous elastic waist hidden, I think they look pretty cute. And while I don't have much hope that they'll last me the entire pregnancy, I am hoping that I'll get good mileage over the next two months or so.  They were a mere $10.50 each so I might have went overboard and bought four pairs.

I haven't bought any shoes lately, but one pair I have been pining over is the Rachel Comey Mars boots. Unfortunately, my style sense and my wallet sometimes have a hard time co-existing, and the RC boots are way out of my price range.  Imagine how happy I was to discover that Joe Fresh had an almost knock-off at $69 ($79 - $10 promo coupon).  The leather is surprisingly nice, the shoes are very comfy and I am in LOVE. If they ever make a tan pair, I'll be the first in line!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

21 Day Challenge: Day 18 - Statement jewelry

Outfit Details:

dress - Old Navy, cardigan - H&M, necklace - J.Crew bubble necklace, shoes - Dolce Vita Pela

Let's face it. I am a girl who loves her statement necklaces. Is obsessed with them actually. I love how they can elevate the most basic jeans and tee outfit, or can add edge to a girly one. So when I had the chance to own the grey version of the J.Crew bubble necklace that came out several years ago, I had to bite. I already own it in black, but I often find it too harsh to pair with a lot of outfits.

I picked up this dress recently from Old Navy, and thought it was the perfect companion for the grey bubble necklace.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

21 Day Challenge: Day 17 - Repair it and wear it

Outfit Details:

dress - Target, shoes - Expressions (The Bay), necklaces - vintage and Forever 21

Back in the day, before Maya was born when I used to work in an office, I practically lived in my wrap dresses. Now they sit sad and forlorn in my closet, waiting for the day when I no longer have the luxury of doing what I do from home.

This Target dress is one of my less "work-ish" ones and has the potential for being worn on a daily basis. The problem lies with the length. Even back in my office days, I thought the hemline bordered on frump city and has been sitting in my sewing pile to be hemmed. Then this challenge came, and I was suddenly forced to go actually tackle something from that pile... so 15 minutes later... voila!

Still a little too work looking for my taste, so I switched over to flats before leaving the house.  Hmm, still not sold.  Any ideas how to make this more fun and less work-like?  A cardi maybe?

21 Day Challenge: Day 16 - Menswear

Outfit Details:

top - Old Navy, skirt - Winners, shoes - Joe Fresh, belt - Costa Blanca, necklaces - Forever 21

The Menswear challenge had me excited. I recently bought a pair of oxfords, and I have been dying DYING to wear them. I think they are the perfect alternative to ballet flats, and add a little quirkiness to just about any outfit.

I decided to pair them with this skirt that is made of a traditional menswear pinstripe shirting. The style is totally girly though, and I love how you can wear the skirt "bustled" or unbustled.

21 Day Challenge: Day 15 - New Hair-do

Outfit Details:

dress - Old Navy, necklace - vintage

So we're on day 15 of the challenge, and I've officially hit a road block. Here's the situation -- I have the thinnest, flattest hair in the world, and anytime I wear it back, it looks sad and lifeless. I toyed with skipping this challenge completely, but the stubborn part of me refused to give up.  So in the end you get this.  By best attempt at doing something different with my hair.

Oh well. At least I tried right?

Monday, August 29, 2011

21 Day Challenge: Day 14 - Be a copycat

Outfit Details:

top - Joe Fresh, skirt - Anthropologie Apothecary skirt, necklace - Ann Tayloft Loft, shoes - Banana Republic

One of the great joys I get from reading other people's fashion and style blogs is the inspiration I draw from them. I think I'm a decent dresser, but there are some out there, that hands down, I have to say I'm not worthy!

One of those bloggers is Lisa from Respect the Shoes. I admire how funny and candid she is with her readers, and she is a fabulous dresser. Day 14's prompt was to recreate someone else's outfit.  No surprise, I decided to copy one of Lisa's outfits.

21 Day Challenge: Day 13 - Neutral with a pop

Outfit Details:

top - Joe Fresh, skirt - Anthropologie Circle the Globe, necklace - Joe Fresh, shoes - Steve Madden

Neutral outfit with a pair of red shoes... hmm, have I done this before recently?

Sorry about the lack of creativity with this prompt. Weekends are often jam packed with errands and events, and this weekend even more so than usual. So, as I often tell Maya, you get what you get and you don't get upset.
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